[Infographic] As marketers get more aggressive, consumer appetite for holiday content grows

photo; white holiday decorations and candles


The complaint seems to grow louder each year, doesn’t it? The onslaught of ads, TV specials, toy lists, department store music and other well-intended reminders seems to arrive earlier and earlier with each passing holiday season.

Just how early? Well this year, Kmart aired the earliest holiday season ad ever on September 3rd — four days before Labor Day. Jokey as it was, Kmart was dead serious about beating all the other retailers to the punch with this layaway ad.

Do these early warning signs throughout the Fall actually work? Are people more engaged with the holiday shopping journey for a longer period of time than ever before? Here’s how Holiday season’s played out in recent history.


Infographic; 2014 holiday content consumption trends


Previously, I had thought getting in the holiday spirit a little early could only be a good thing, but even I got a good-natured shock to the system this year when, during my annual Daylight Savings reminder call to my mother, she asked, in a matter-of-fact way, “What do you want [for Christmas]?”

I certainly didn’t have an answer. I hadn’t so much as devoted a stray thought to it. It was October 31st.

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