Multi-touch attribution

Multi-touch attribution is a sophisticated approach to measuring the value of different digital touchpoints that contribute to a customer’s decision-making process. Unlike traditional single-touch models, which give all the credit to the first or last touchpoint, multi-touch attribution considers the entire customer journey and fairly distributes credit across various interactions.

What is multi-touch attribution?

Multi-touch attribution is the key to creating a data-driven environment and making data-based decisions. By surpassing the limitations of single-touch methods, multi-touch attribution models enable businesses to gain valuable insights, refine digital marketing strategies accordingly, and create a more personalized, user-centric journey for their audiences. 

To understand the power of multi-touch attribution, let’s take a look at some of the common attribution models used in digital marketing:

Benefits of multi-touch attribution

Businesses today have an array of marketing channels at their disposal to reach potential customers. From social media and email marketing to paid search and content marketing, each touchpoint plays a crucial role in driving customer engagement. But how do we more effectively attribute a conversion? By crediting all the touchpoints in a customer journey according to their contribution to the conversion. 

The benefits of multi-touch attribution include: