Brand voice

Brand voice refers specifically to the way a brand ‘speaks’ or ‘sounds’ in all the ways it communicates with the wider world. This includes all written materials, whether it be the website, slogans, ads, landing pages, blogs, marketing and support emails, as well as audio content, such as jingles, TV or radio ads, video guides, in-store loudspeaker announcements, and more. The brand voice should reflect the overall brand identity and brand personality. For instance, a brand with a soft, caring personality can adopt a mom brand voice that is smooth, soothing and reassuring. While brand voice focuses on the way the brand ‘talks’, it is also supported by the brand’s design look and feel. For a brand voice to be effective, it must always be authentic and consistent with the brand identity. Having a brand book that describes the brand voice and provides examples is a great way to ensure all employees are aligned in their messaging voice.