Brand exposure

Brand exposure is the actions taken to ensure a brand is seen, noticed, and recognized by consumers and audiences. The more exposure a brand has, the more it can grow brand awareness, brand equity, its customer base, and revenue. There are many ways to try and achieve brand exposure, including inbound and outbound marketing, advertising (both digital and offline), Out of Home (OOH) advertising, email marketing, co-marketing collaborations, in-store marketing, and many more. 

Brand exposure vs brand awareness

Brand exposure is how much a brand is seen by consumers, while brand awareness is a measure of how aware consumers are of the existence of a brand in the market. Both of these feed off each other. The more brand exposure, the more likely consumers are to become aware of the brand. The more brand awareness, the more consumers are likely to seek out a brand and be exposed to it, or to recognize the brand when they are exposed to it by chance. Both are essential for gaining consumer mindshare.