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[Guide] How to Gain (and Retain!) Holiday Customers

Lauren Pica
Lauren Pica


Summer (or winter, for our southern readers!)  is fading, and if you work in marketing, you know what that means — holiday season is fast approaching.

And this is going to be the highest spending holiday season yet. This year, U.S. estimates alone are exceeding $1 trillion. Yes, you heard that right. That’s a huge pie, and every marketer should be scouring for strategies to help earn their share.

The thing is, holiday marketing strategies don’t start a week or two before the big day — they should start months before.

So, we’ve put together a guide that covers every holiday, every vertical, and every tactic you need to drive your customers (or audiences!) down the marketing funnel throughout the entire festive season.



Not only do we provide trends and hacks to accelerate your holiday acquisition, we also provide tips to retain those same audiences into the new year.

Remember, retention is much more cost-efficient than acquisition. And with so many opportunities to engage and convert customers during the extended holiday period, you need loads of tips to help you.


Here’s a sneak peek to some of the data you’ll find in our latest brainy guide, Gaining (and Retaining!) Holiday Customers:

💡 Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Cyber Weekend campaigns start as early as March.

💡 Christmas, Hanukkah, & Kwanzaa: December holidays drive the highest conversions.

💡 Thanksgiving: Travel content and targeting gain the highest CTRs.


Plus, you’ll get actionable tips and tactical hacks covering everything from timing and performance to creatives and optimizations to support all your acquisition and retention activities before, during, and after the holidays.

Don’t wait — the holidays are approaching fast!


Lauren Pica

Lauren Pica

As the brains (and voice) behind the Outbrain brand communications (and our Head of US Marketing!), Lauren spends her days of marketing scrappiness doing everything in her power to gain and retain happy customers.