How to Show Mom You Care this Mother’s Day

Brian Gallagher
Brian Gallagher

As Mother’s Day is this Sunday here in the U.S., we decided to take a look at what content on the open web grabbed the most attention. As there are countless ways to show your mother how much you appreciate everything she’s done for you, there is more to getting her just flowers or jewelry.

The most popular articles? We see heavy engagement around shared experiences. The top headlines from 2018 showed us that there was a much interest in having a nice Sunday Brunch with mom. And when we looked into April of 2019, the most page views were also for experience-related events, showing that spending quality time with mom is top of mind – and hints that some are planning the pampering sooner than later.

This Sunday, it may be time to ditch the flowers and dial in for reservations. Check out this infographic we put together on some of our data points and stay tuned for future BrainPower posts!

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Brian Gallagher

Brian Gallagher

Brian Gallagher is a Director of Corporate Communications at Outbrain.

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