Thanksgiving Marketing – 3 Ways Brands Can Express Thankfulness With Meaningful Content

Shana Pilewski
Shana Pilewski

Thanksgiving content marketingIn just a few days, friends and families across the US will join together to give thanks. For many, this signifies the start of the holiday season.

From carving turkeys to hitting Black Friday sales and scouring the web on Cyber Monday, this Thanksgiving, brands have an opportunity to get in front of new and returning audiences with content that is meaningful and helpful.

Here are three ways to get in the spirit and serve up content that people will genuinely care about.

1. Provide a generous helping hand for those in need

Not everyone has the means to put a proper meal on the table. And with the devastation from recent hurricanes, fires, and other natural disasters, many will have to rely on acts of kindness and support to participate in this year’s festivities.

To help those in need, companies can fundraise and donate to local or national causes this holiday season. Even a small act of goodwill goes a long way and can have a ripple effect on the way potential customers think about a business.

Family Business Brewing Co., for example, made a point to lend a helping hand with an overwhelming outpouring of support through its Stronger Than Storms initiative. To date, the campaign provides relief to those affected by hurricanes and floods has raised more than $466,000.

Stronger than Storms

2. Offer information and convenience to time-constrained consumers

While many consider this the most wonderful time of the year, it is also the busiest time. Even your most loyal audiences will be busy researching, browsing, shopping, wrapping, prepping, eating, and cleaning nonstop from Thanksgiving well into the New Year.

Whatever your industry, visitors will be looking for answers and help with a variety of their holiday needs. The ability to deliver the right information at the right time will cast your brand in a positive light.

Calculators and conversion tables from Butterball, for example, are a perfect way to empower the cook on turkey day, allowing users to precisely plan the perfect feast based on a variety of different factors.

Calculators and conversion tables

3. Show appreciation for customers and employees

Take this opportunity to really showcase what your brand is about. Or in the case of The New York Times, what your audience is all about. Last year, the paper polled readers on what they were most grateful for and in a brilliant display of user-generated content, spun the piece as a video and series of quotes for Thanksgiving.

Now is a good time to survey your own customers, pay tribute to employees, or tell the story that means the most to your brand this holiday. And while you’re doing so, be sure to showcase some humanity.

What are you thankful for?

Getting to the heart of Thanksgiving

While others ready their promotions and prepare to capitalize on the surge of new visitor activity, the chance for brands to differentiate themselves is not only powerful — but also largely unexpected.

From audiences used to hearing horror stories about employees working long holiday hours or customers getting injured jockeying for discounted goods, aiming for the heart this year will leave a lasting impression. Most importantly, it will also help forge meaningful relationships with soon-to-be loyal audiences.

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Shana Pilewski

Shana Pilewski

Shana Pilewski is a Senior Content Marketer at Dynamic Yield, a global leader in omnichannel personalization. There, her experience and passion for content strategy, development and creation allow her to help marketers level up their own skills.