8 Tips to Make Your Travel Campaign Fly

Cyrus Jabbari
Cyrus Jabbari

Did you know that 44% of travel content experiences start with no specific destination in mind? How about that 59% of people look to tech-led recommendations for new travel experiences?

Marketers have an immense opportunity to reach audiences looking to discover and book their next destination. As a vertical that entails high-involvement decisions, native advertising has become the preferred vehicle for travel brands and agencies to stand out from the crowd and win over consumers during key moments of their journey.

To get the most out of this format’s potential on the creative side, we’ve outlined 8 tips to help get your travel campaign off the ground and drive the consumer decision to purchase.  Check out the infographic:


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Cyrus Jabbari

Cyrus Jabbari

As Content Manager at Outbrain, Cyrus creates and executes content strategies for international projects across regions. A wordsmith at heart who loves storytelling, Cyrus doesn’t miss a moment to tap into his creative side, playing the piano by ear in his spare time to express language through a timeless art.

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