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Easter Marketing: How to Maximize Your Holiday Campaign Results

After a couple of years of Covid lockdown isolation, it seems consumers are happier than ever to celebrate life’s joyful moments and special occasions. Valentine’s Day, Halloween, the Super Bowl, St Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter – all are special dates that bring a little something to look forward to, be it festive foods, gifts, a vacation, or leisure. For marketers and businesses of course, this also presents a fantastic opportunity to boost sales. And with Easter right around the corner, here’s some helpful tips for marketers launching seasonal campaigns.

Why seasonal marketing campaigns are so successful 

What is the hidden advantage of seasonal marketing? It is much easier to understand your audience’s interests. For example, at Christmas, people will be looking for gifts for loved ones and buying celebratory foods. With Easter around the corner, people will be looking for gifts like chocolate and flowers as well as travel as the weather begins to warm up. Marketers can leverage this knowledge to focus their efforts on this seasonal opportunity if it fits their vertical and/or product.

We recommend:

The easiest way to set yourself apart is to understand consumers’ interests and values. For instance, according to GWI Data, 51% of EU audiences are interested in buying products or services that are eco-friendly. Therefore, a smart way to set your brand apart is by highlighting environmental aspects. If you’re a retail or ecommerce brand in the EU, for example, you can point out the use of eco-friendly materials. For travel companies, it could be offering sustainable vacation packages that support responsible tourism.

Also, your audience might have other interests beyond your specific industry. Take a  look at BrainPower data, an Outbrain tool that helps marketers find out the current digital trends worldwide, and you can see which verticals and categories interest your audience. 

We know for example that consumers are more likely to click on ads related to travel and vacation on pages with content related to employment, mobile devices, and nutrition. Don’t stick to singular topics to capture the attention of your target audience; rather, combine various interests and themes in your content to increase your chances of success.

Capture your target audience’s attention with dynamic and interactive ads

Potential buyers are browsing with intention, so they are very open to discovering new brands and products. Therefore, you should focus on being creative so you’ll stand out in a very saturated market. Creativity is not just about your ad design, but also the channels your ads appear on. And remember, traditional sales and promotions are no longer enough to draw audience attention. Now, you must find new and engaging ways to actively capture attention, instead of just waiting for people to approach your brand.

We recommend:

Native Advertising on the open web can be an excellent channel to capture the attention of your audience. Native ads are non intrusive, so they won’t disrupt the user experience. Plus, there is a wide-range of native ad formats to help you meet your goals, be it generating leads or building audience awareness. 

As a marketing professional, you can promote your content natively through the open web with Outbrain’s Carousel format. Carousel ads give you the power to tell a rich and interactive story that develops across each carousel card. You can add up to 10 images to showcase your products and relevant CTA buttons like “Shop Now”.

In the days leading up to Easter, try to create a sense of urgency by promoting special and limited time offers, emphasizing “While supplies last!”. This helps to inspire consumers to action.

Holiday marketing isn’t always local

Although many festivals and holidays are celebrated on the same date globally, like Women’s Day, many others are local-only. Therefore, you will have to take this factor into account for your seasonal campaigns. Especially if you’re a multinational company, make sure you only target countries that celebrate on the particular date. 

We recommend:

The better you localize your seasonal campaigns, the better results you will get. To achieve this, adapt the ad message as well as the images to local markets. You can even make a readjustment of the offer itself depending on location.

Create ads and use headlines that work non-stop

As marketers, the struggle for attention is real. This is only accentuated in the leadup to holiday season when traffic pressure adds up. If you know which keywords have high conversion potential, you give yourself a great advantage by including them in the headlines of your campaigns. 

We recommend:

Use your headline to give audiences a sneak peek of what your Easter campaign has to offer. Adding small text elements like Calls-to-Action or buttons in different colors can drive better engagement metrics. 

Also, adapting the length of your headlines by vertical tends to bring the best results. For example, if you are a tech brand, your ideal headline length is 120 characters. You can find helpful tips like this and more at Outbrain BrainPower.  

Finally, consider A/B testing by running multiple ads and headlines at the same time to see which ones get the most clicks. Then, you can use that data to optimize future campaigns and drive even higher click rates.

Generate user engagement 

Try to involve users so they feel part of your campaign and leverage their interest in your product to engage them further. One of the tactics that gets the best results is interactive content, such as games, competitions and user-generated content. Gamification aims to make the consumer’s journey fun, exciting, and engaging, capturing attention of potential customers and building loyalty along the way. So, consider getting interactive and playful when creating your Easter or other seasonal campaigns. 

We recommend:

Find ways to get consumers involved! For example, if you’re a kitchenware or appliance retailer, you could share popular Easter recipes in an interactive catalog or landing page where users can vote for their favorite one. 

When you are original and creative, you increase the number of interactions, and boost awareness and engagement about your brand via content generated by the users themselves.

Be on time! 

One of the common mistakes marketers make is leaving digital campaigns to the last minute. Aside from adding stress, running campaigns too close to the holiday date means you can miss out on a lot of traffic from consumers who are preparing early for the holidays.

Why wait? Since you have all the global events on your calendar, plan accordingly and in advance for the best results. 

We recommend:

Although most consumers don’t start planning their purchases until two weeks in advance of the holidays, they are increasingly browsing for products and deals even before. Therefore, it pays to analyze the pre-holiday behavior of your audience really well and work consistently on your brand awareness tactics in the weeks before.

Take advantage of the audience’s purchase intent to increase holiday sales before it’s too late. This way, you’ll hopefully boost your revenue and get the most from your campaign spend.

Late to the game already? Don’t worry, it’s still worthwhile launching a last-minute campaign for all the shopping procrastinators out there! 

Enhance Your Easter Holiday Sales

There are many ways to increase your sales and maximize your results during seasonal holidays like Easter. However, it is essential to plan your campaigns and promotions well in advance. If you take into account what your objectives are and carefully apply each of the recommendations above, you will attract a more qualified audience with a greater propensity to buy, and at the same time, boost your brand image in the minds of those who matter most – your potential customers.

Maria Fuster-Sanchez

Maria Fuster-Sanchez

María supports the marketing activities at Outbrain Spain. Prior to Outbrain, María worked for some advertising agencies where she developed her content creation and social media skills. In her free time, she enjoys extreme sports.

Antonella Bucci

Antonella Bucci

Antonella is the Marketing Manager for Italy and Spain. Based in sunny Madrid, she manages all marketing and communication activities for both countries. Prior to Outbrain, Antonella worked for a variety of well-recognized multinational companies in the tech sector. In her free time, you’ll find Antonella on the stage acting with her theater group.