Case Study: How Hindustan Unilever’s Brand Kissan Drives Video Engagement with Outbrain

|Isabella Barbato

Today we’re here to talk about a great example of video content by Hindustan Unilever’s brand Kissan, and the “real” world of Kissanpur.

Hindustan Unilever launched the “100% Real” Kissanpur campaign, which emphasised the importance of real natural experiences. Through content, kids were encouraged to connect with nature by sowing seeds and growing real juicy tomatoes.

As part of the “100% Real” campaign, the brand also launched the “Kissan 100% Real Blogger” contest, inviting bloggers from the country to share their “100% real” stories of growing up. The contest was followed by a digital film titled “Kissanpur – Real Joy of Togetherness”. Hosted on the website and social media, the short film aimed at connecting the brand to parents on an emotional level.

Laptops and gadgets rule our work weeks and are slowly invading our weekends too, as families find themselves sitting beside each other but occupied with their own mobile phones. Virtual social connections have taken over real ones: that was the main message of the film as it aimed to bring its consumers back to experiencing real joy – the joy of togetherness.

But let’s take a step back and have a look at the 2-minute video first.

The Challenge

Kissan realised the importance of using content marketing to engage with their target audiences. However, great storytelling and a message that was appealing through video content alone were not sufficient to engage with their audience. They quickly realised the need to integrate their marketing efforts with a content distribution strategy.

The Solution

With a reach of over 23 million monthly unique visitors in India on desktop alone, Outbrain was the perfect partner for HUL to drive traffic coming from premium publishers to watch this story. HUL launched a campaign to drive traffic to 2 separate places:

  • Earned media: an article on Storypick covering the video.
  • Owned media: The homepage with the video specially embedded for this campaign.


  • 122,617 clicks delivered on the home page in less than a month
  • 1 minute, 24 seconds average time on site for 2/3 video completion rate

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Isabella Barbato

Isabella Barbato

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