David Sasson, Outbrain’s COO, will be on a panel in London next week discussing soon-to-be released research conducted in collaboration with eConsultancy about the growth of content marketing. He sat down with eConsultancy to discuss the research and the industry at large.

Why do you think everyone seems to be talking about content marketing?

Digital advertising has historically butted up against a branding wall. It has been a terrific medium for direct response advertising, but has not succeeded to date in telling consumers a compelling story at scale to create awareness, which is fundamentally what is needed to support mass branding.

Content marketing is finally allowing us to do that in digital, to tell a story that supports brand positioning and messaging.

In addition, consumer trends point fully to a world in which overt “advertising” is ignored. The DVR fast-forward button, the adoption of ad blockers, the decline in CTRs in display advertising … all of this points to users putting themselves on a holistic “do not call” list for marketers.

With this as a backdrop, brands must think of creative ways to attract people to their environments rather than being able to interrupt people in other environments … the creation of robust content can be the cornerstone of a “pull” versus “push” marketing strategy.

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