4 Priceless Personal Finance Content Marketing Examples

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Unless you’re an accountant, financial planner, or perhaps Warren Buffett, personal finance is probably not at the top of your list of exciting topics to read about. But not all personal finance content is boring and inaccessible. Here are a content marketing tips from business showing how can be a relevant, beneficial and effective channel for personal finance companies to pursue in order to find consumers on the web who are likely to be interested in their products or services.


This popular online money manager keeps a robust blog that features extensive tips and how to’s for topics such as saving and investing. The trends section uses expertly designed infographics to highlight unique data, which in turn showcases the depth of the product offering.

Coupon Cabin

Action-oriented posts about immediate discount opportunities provide real added value to their audience while reinforcing their position as a market expert.

Visa’s Practical Money Skills for Life

Credit and debt can be a sticky subject, but Visa takes the issue head on by providing consumers with a minimally branded, maximally relevant resource to educate about credit, saving, spending and budgeting. By creating an owned content hub, they are positioning for a strategy and goal of long-term adoption.


The site is focused around blog posts and video content not from the marketing team, but from Citi executives and representatives from partner organizations (e.g., the British Museum). It’s a bit outside of the box for such a large-scale, traditional financial organization, but removing the layer of marketing-speak adds a fresh perspective to what can sometimes be an overly sanitized content experience.


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