Outbrain Advertisers: Did You Miss These Product Launches?

Well now’s your chance to catch up! Over the past few months, the Outbrain team has been busy launching a host of innovative products shaped by feedback from our advertisers. In case you missed some of these exciting new developments, we’ve put together a quick summary of the top product launches from H1, all built with your ROAS in mind! Take a look:

New Smartads = Greater User Experience = Better Results 

Our most frequent customer requests revolve around creating new experiences to engage users to interact with interesting content. Here are two new ad types to help you do just that:

Carousel Smartad

The popular carousel ad format adapted for native audiences was launched earlier this year. Carousel Smartads have proven to increase audience engagement by providing 10x the exposure with a more interactive user experience. 

App Install Smartad

The newest Smartad, App Install, helps grow your business by driving more downloads from higher long-term value users. This rich creative format captivates attention and provides a clear path to action by showcasing a large image or GIF, brand logo, app store rating, and CTA button. We know App Marketers are constantly looking to drive installs from the right users, resulting in more ROAS and long-term growth.

Interested in learning more about our new Smartad formats? Check out our Smartads Gallery! To learn how to create a Carousel campaign or an App Install campaign, visit our Help Center.

Converting Consumers…It’s as Easy as 1,2,3!

During the first half of 2020, we’ve made our Conversion Bid Strategy (CBS) even more robust – now offering 3 modes based on your Campaign Objective.

Target CPA Conversion Bid Strategy

The most recent addition to CBS, Target CPA, has had tremendous results, reducing CPAs by 35% within 10 days of the campaign launching. Target CPA is 100% auto-optimized to ensure you’re remaining profitable and hitting your CPA goal.

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Max Conversions: Automated Conversion Bid Strategy

Max Conversions CBS, the fully automated solution, launched earlier this year with the purpose of maximizing conversions within your budget by letting Outbrain do the heavy lifting. This bid strategy prioritizes conversion volume to bring the best results within a set budget.

For more information about CBS, check out the “Ultimate Goal to Conversion Bid Strategy” blog post or the Help Center.

New & Improved Features

WiFi Targeting 

Looking to specifically target users who are connected to WiFi devices? Now you can. This advanced feature is useful for marketers looking to promote a video or reach mobile users with a high-speed connection to drive app downloads or other ‘data heavy’ content experiences.

Viewers Segment

Stay top of mind for those consumers who have seen your ads, but haven’t yet clicked on them. With “Viewers” Segment, marketers can retarget users who have viewed their ads in order to maximize lower-funnel engagement and conversions.

CPC Adjustment By-Content

Need more control over how each piece of content is served? With the CPC Adjustment by-Content feature, you now can simply increase or decrease the CPC bid at the content-level by a percentage variance against the campaign CPC, to devote more budget towards your highest-performing creatives.

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