The Latest & Greatest Product Updates of 2020 (so far)

Outbrainers have been hard at work during the first quarter of 2020 and we’re excited to share with you the latest developments in Amplify Products. Our focus is to continue to launch and improve products to better suit each of our individual marketers’ needs, especially in these trying times.

So what have we been up to these past few months? Have a look!

The Newest Ad format: Carousel!

Outbrain Carousel gives marketers the power to tell an engaging story while driving concrete results. With Carousel, you can use up to 10 images, and new elements like CTA button and brand logo, to showcase your brand with one cohesive ad experience.

Bridge the gap between awareness and conversion with a richer ad experience that gives you more real estate to accomplish your goals. For more information on how to get started reference this Help Center article! Plus here are some best practices to max your native carousel ads with Outbrain.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Tired of making manual bid adjustments and not quite getting the results you’re looking for? Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to optimizing towards your goals. All you have to do is set your campaign budget and objective, and our system will do the rest.

With the latest improvements to Campaign Objectives and Conversion Bid Strategy, your campaigns will automatically optimize your budget to achieve your campaign goal. Now, if you select  “App Installs” or “Conversions” as your Campaign Objective, our system will automatically optimize for these goals. On the other hand, if your Campaign Objective is “Awareness” or “Traffic,” your campaign will bid more aggressively towards the most engaging publisher sections, in order to drive more traffic.

For more information regarding the latest additions to Conversion Bid Strategy, check out our help center article.

Super, Supermetrics

Looking to streamline your reporting across multiple channels? Now, using our newest integration with Supermetrics you’ll be able to take campaign reporting and optimizations to the next level.

Supermetrics is a leader in marketing data automation, delivering ready-to-use data from different marketing data sources to popular platforms like Google Data Studio, Google BigQuery, Excel and various Business Intelligence-tools.

The Supermetrics connector easily combines Outbrain data with metrics from over 50 other platforms in the same report, so advertisers can compare and contrast marketing solutions and optimize for the best performance.

For step-by-step instructions on how to integrate with Supermetrics, refer to this help center article!

CPC: Cost-Per-Click or Cost-Per-Content? It’s both!

With our CPC Adjustment by-Content feature, you have more control over how each piece of content is served. You can simply increase or decrease the CPC bid at the content-level by a percentage variance against the base CPC, to devote more budget towards your highest-performing creatives.

Although this feature is very useful when prioritizing which pieces of content are served, or not served, it is highly recommended to not use CPC Adjustment by-Content with Conversion Bid Strategy as this will override any optimizations that the algorithm made to this content.

To learn more about manual CPC adjustments, reference this FAQ.

And don’t forget: Viewers Segments

Stay top of mind for those consumers who have seen your ad, but haven’t yet clicked on it. With the new “Viewers” Segment, you’ll be able to retarget users who have viewed your content in order to maximize down-funnel engagements and conversions.

  • “Viewable” refers to a segment of users who have seen (per MRC viewability standards) but have not clicked on your selected campaigns’ content.

This targeting model is best used for retail or D2C marketers who are selling a suite of products. For instance, try running editorial content first, then retargeting those who – in this case – viewed your content, using your product page.

For more information on how to set up a Viewers Segment campaign, reference this FAQ!

The More Reports, The More You Know

Last month we added more opportunities for you to analyze your data so you can see performance on an even more granular level. With the addition of “By Section By Campaign” and “By Publisher By Campaign,” you have more insight into how publishers and sections are performing on the campaign or tactic level! You’ll be able to export these reports or schedule them in order to make more informed optimizations and CPC adjustments.

To learn more about Outbrain’s product suite, or if you want to set up a campaign, please visit our website, or reach out to our support team 🙂

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