New! The Supermetrics Outbrain Connector: Seamlessly Connects Outbrain Data to Google Sheets, Excel & Data Studio

For marketers using Outbrain, a top priority is a complete and holistic view of online data to optimize campaigns and maximize results. And the Outbrain team is constantly looking for new ways and tools to facilitate better data visualization for customers.

That’s the reason for our latest and very exciting integration with Supermetrics. Supermetrics is a leader in marketing data automation, delivering ready-to-use data from different marketing data sources to popular platforms like Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Google BigQuery, Excel and various BI-tools.

Via its partnership with Outbrain Amplify, marketers can seamlessly connect their Outbrain data to Google Data Studio, Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

“With Supermetrics, Outbrain customers can better visualize multiple data sources at once, providing a holistic view of campaigns. Our goal is to constantly provide additional resources to marketers to optimize the data they collect daily.”

Using the Supermetrics Outbrain connector, marketers will benefit in a number of ways:

  • Easily connects Outbrain data to Google Sheets, Excel and Data Studio:  And there is no need to move data into target storage (Amazon Redshift, PostgreSQL, Google BigQuery) first.
  • Streamlined reporting: Marketers can report on Outbrain campaigns, including budgets, promoted links, performance, and additional metrics in a few clicks.
  • Full access to Outbrain data: Supermetrics’ high-quality connector ensures full availability and easy access to all essential metrics and dimensions, whenever needed.
  • Takes campaign reporting to the next level: The Supermetrics connector easily combines Outbrain data with metrics from 50+ other platforms in the same report, so advertisers can compare and contrast marketing solutions and optimize for the best performance.

How it Works: A Supermetrics-Outbrain Use Case

Squareloot, a boutique marketing & growth consultancy, used Supermetrics for Data Studio Connectors for current Outbrain campaigns. The agency created Data Studio Outbrain reports, which tracked the high-level performance of key accounts and overall activity, providing valuable insights without having to dive deeper into an individual platform. You can read more about how Squareloot improved the efficiency of their Outbrain reporting by 15% here at the Supermetrics site.

Connecting Supermetrics to Outbrain Amplify is as easy as a few clicks, but first you need to get API access from Outbrain. Find out how by clicking here.

You can get started on the Supermetrics Outbrain Connector even today! Sign up for a 14-day free trial here.

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