The Outbrain Blog Has a New Look!

Like the delicious scent of a newly printed book, there’s nothing better than a fresh-baked blog design. At Outbrain, we are really excited to introduce you to our recently launched blog makeover.

Clean lines, rich images, smooth interface, and of course, more great content about everything performance marketing, native advertising, and discovery.

As every performance marketer knows, the best content is not enough. It’s got to be packaged in a way that entices the visitor to click and tempts the reader to scroll.

We’ve discussed the ways that blog design can help boost your traffic, and it’s been a lot of fun using those same points to turn our blog into a sharper, shinier model.

This is no skin-deep makeover. It’s a total blog-lift from the foundations up. We’ve worked on creating a faster, simpler search experience, so you can easily pinpoint the posts that are most valuable to you.

We’ve made it ultra mobile-friendly, for the vast majority of you who do all your content discovery on mobile. And we’ve made it easier to share posts and subscribe to the blog, so you (and your performance marketing friends) can stay up to date with the latest digital marketing trends and Outbrain news.


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