Let Larry Kim and Tomasz Borys be Your Coaches for Speed Dating on Advertising

Kissmetrics "Speed Dating on Advertising" Webinar with Larry Kim and Tomasz Borys

If you aren’t familiar with speed dating, it’s an interesting concept.

Basically, it’s an organized event where people participate in a series of short conversations with potential partners to determine mutual interest.

Similar to musical chairs, when the time is up, each person rotates to the next date in hopes that at the end of the event, a potential match is made.

Thankfully all chairs remain throughout the duration.

Barbaric and forward as it may seem, it allows attendees to quickly filter for compatibility in a way that doesn’t monopolize anyone’s time.

That’s why when Kissmetrics organized their webinar for “Speed Dating on Advertising,” we thought it was pretty awesome. And definitely worth writing about.

What You Can Expect from Speed Dating on Advertising

During the webinar, participants will move quickly through 7 different tactics and cover the benefits, uses and available platforms related to each via 6-minute rounds.

Whether you’ve never experimented with online advertising or you’re a pro, it’s a great chance to learn it all or learn a few things in just under an hour.

Here are the topics they’ll cover:

Contextual advertising

Lookalike advertising

CRM targeting

Search engine marketing (SEM)


Social media advertising

Content Distribution

Where Content Distribution Fits In

An important topic for our brand and audience is how we can offer informational and/or entertainment value to the reader outside of simply advertising products or services.

With tons of marketers using content distribution to reach new audiences with great content at every stage of the customer journey, make sure not to miss this round on the owned, earned and paid content distribution opportunities available to you.

Here are content distribution case studies in the Automotive and Fashion industries to get you started.

Meet Your Speed Dating Coaches

Approaching different advertising tactics can be scary.

How do you know which one is going to be right for your business?

We’ve all had our one-night stands with a digital marketing tactic or two, just testing the waters with no real substance to what we’re doing or how to measure back to our KPIs.

It’s time to weigh the options and consider a longer-term investment that, over time, will provide the meaningful results needed to grow with content.

The best part is that you don’t even have to go about it alone because with Kissmetrics acting as BFF, you’ve got the full support of two industry coaches on advertising.

Larry Kim
Larry Kim Twitter

No stranger to the Outbrain blog, Larry is the PPC guru people can’t seem to stop writing about.

As the founder of WordStream.com and a top columnist at Inc Magazine and Search Engine Land, he’s a guy you can trust
when it comes to paid media and search engine marketing.

Given his huge following, he definitely knows a thing or two about social media advertising.

Check out these impressive Buzzsumo.com stats for the real scoop on his authority in the industry:

Larry Kim Buzzsumo Stats

Okay, you get the point. Just know, he’s in your corner for this webinar.

Tomasz Borys
Tomasz Borys LinkedIn

Who better to present than Kissmetrics’ very own Director of Marketing.

I mean, not only do we love the amazing content Kissmetrics produces on their blog, but it’s also inspired us to use Kissmetrics for measuring the impact of our own content.

So, if you want to really get a handle on the eligible advertising tactics available to you, take some advice from a guy who specializes in design, public relations, writing, editing, programming, and search engine optimization for one of the top analytics tools in the market.

Join Us At The Free Webinar Event

We’ll be there as Larry and Tomasz cover everything from lookalike advertising to CRM targeting.

We might even make a cameo during their round on content distribution, so if you spot us, make sure to tweet at us!

That way, even if the round is over, we can connect about ways you can reach new audiences with content offerings.

Who knows, maybe we’ll end up being a good match together!

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