[Customer Story] How Automotive Brand SEAT Increased Their Retargeting Conversion Rate 48% by Adding Amplify to the Mix

SEAT is an international automobile manufacturer that knows how important the role of content is within the marketing mix.

That’s why their website is chock-full of high-quality content.

So, when they recently set out to create a campaign for three of its flagship models, they naturally took an innovative approach.

Below, I’ll walk you through how the UK-based company made content marketing work for them.

Establishing their Content Goals

You can’t measure the ROI of content, or continue to drive visitors down the purchase funnel if you don’t establish goals first.

SEAT outlined three very basic goals:

  1. Build awareness around the three models

  2. Drive traffic to the test drive booking page

  3. Encourage brochure downloads

These weren’t complicated, made sense linearly, and can be tracked.

Using Effective Content Tactics

At SEAT we consider independent and credible reviews to be a vital part in the customer’s purchase process. – Claudia Ulrich, Communications Manager

That’s smart.

Because according to Moz, online reviews impact 67.7% of consumers purchasing decisions.


Because third-party reviews offer an external voice trusted by the consumer.

So, what do you think they did?

They amplified 3rd party positive car reviews on UK publisher sites!

Did content appear in relevant publications such as The Telegraph, Auto Express and WhatCar?

In addition, they integrated pixels that enabled readers to be retargeted across the web after reading a review.

The sequence of events went a little something like this:

Basically, it’s a perfect example of multiple channels working together to achieve great results by building an effective campaign ecosystem with content.

Oh, the actual results…

Increasing Conversion Rates

Drum roll, please.

The campaign delivered a 48% better conversion rate of visits to test drive bookings and brochure downloads pages, compared to a segment that was only exposed to display advertising after visiting seat.co.uk.

The uplift in conversions was seen through a smart marketing combination of amplifying earned media, and display remarketing to those who discovered the earned media through Outbrain.

After being exposed to the positive car reviews, users came back to the site of their own accord, as well as by clicking on the remarketing displaying advertising.

They also lowered their cost per lead for test drive requests.

The numbers:

A thousand consumers visited their “Take a Test Drive” page and 400 downloaded the product brochure, at a cost-per-lead of £14.

By installing Outbrain’s conversion pixel SEAT was able to track the impact of positive reviews on the purchase decision.


A symphony of conversions orchestrated by:

  • Maximizing the number of visits to their positive 3rd party reviews

  • Adding promotional prompts, such as display units, surrounding the reviews

  • Retargeting the readers with display across the web

That is the beauty behind an effective marketing mix.


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