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Outbrain's A-Z Guide to Brand Publishing

What does Sesame Street have to do with your content strategy? Quite a bit, actually.

Few brands have maintained such a lasting emotional connection to audiences and held such a beloved place in pop culture like Sesame Street has. But not even Big Bird is immune to changes in audience habits – even when the audience in question is barely of speaking age.

News of Sesame Street’s move to HBO this Fall understandably sent shockwaves, but as many parents can attest, smartphones and tablets are already the new TVs for young consumers-to-be. Why not program content with these new viewing habits in mind?

In digital’s perpetually shifting landscape, adaptation is the name of the game, and brands know this better than anyone.

Consumer habits and traditional banner ads have proven incompatible. Mobile devices are now the first and last screens people see on a daily basis.  Organic reach on social networks is a distant memory. New platforms and channels keeping popping up like a giant game of whack-a-mole. Where should marketers focus to distill their messages into valuable content and program it in a way that people actually see it?


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We have a few recommendations on leveraging a brand publishing framework that adapts to your needs – no matter the size of your organization. But first, just to cover our bases:

Why publish content at all?

Brand publishing can satisfy a number of marketing objectives. You just have to decide which ones matter most to you.

Branding – Studies show that consumers prefer to get to know a brand through content rather than ads, and they think more favorably of brands that publish content regularly than those that don’t.

Engagement – Publishing content on a regular schedule helps you maintain regular contact with consumers and earn their consideration of your products.

Conversions – You may have a singular KPI in mind that equates to success, like email subscriptions, online purchases, or use of a custom utility app, like a trip-planner or mortgage calculator. It’s your site – you get to define it, design it, and get people to use it.

Retargeting – Your display ads hold much more potential when they appear to consumers who have already signaled an interest in your brand via content.

Insight – Mapping patterns of engagement with content can clarify marketing strategy for driving business – both online and offline.


Our A-Z Guide to Brand Publishing is really designed to help you answer this question:

How do I use content to drive interest in my brand and my business? 


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Hitting "Publish" is only The Beginning!

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Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter

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