3 Reasons Why You Should Activate Smartlogic

Welcome back to our series dedicated to Smartlogic.

In our first post, we introduced Smartlogic, our AI & machine learning driven technology that is transforming the Outbrain recommendation experience for publishers, audiences and advertisers. We also explored some of the technical challenges we overcame during development in this Q&A session with our Product and R&D teams.

Let’s now deep dive into 3 reasons why activating Smartlogic is a no brainer. 

#1: Earn More 

Think about it: Why waste time trying to manually predict which recommendation formats audiences are most likely to engage with? 

Solving this challenge is exactly at the heart of the Smart Cards technology within Smartlogic. Learning about audiences and running a real time auction to select the best ad format (we call these cards) for each user. Smartlogic also goes further by once selecting the right ad format using Smart Design to apply always on multivariate UI optimisation. Smartlogic drives revenue increases by tailoring not only which recommendation is shown but the format and UI used to show it

Today we are working with our partners to trial Smartlogic vs their current more static integration and the results really do speak for themselves. On average publishers are experiencing a + 40% RPM lift on their mobile inventory

#2: Drive More Editorial Engagement

The exact same principles described above can be applied to drive engagement with your own editorial. Smartlogic allows you to use a range of engaging editorial formats and selects the best of these to appear, putting them in the right order and live testing designs. The technology  constantly learns and improves, showcasing and driving vital engagement with your organic content.

Partners looking to drive both editorial engagement and monetization within their Outbrain placements often had to choose between revenue and user engagement by dialing up or down the number and position of ads/editorial. Smartlogic offers a better way with the Smart Goals feature enabling you to set a placement level KPI. Smartlogic will then find the ideal ratio and blend of advertising and editorial based on your goals. This feature is already a hit with many of our Partners including Euronews, who achieved both +34% RPM and +18% Organic CTR with Smartlogic. Check out our great recent case study with them here.

Thanks to Outbrain and Smartlogic, we are able to offer our users a more dynamic and personalized recommendation experience while generating an impressive uplift in audience engagement and direct revenues.

Laureen Astruc, Head Of B2C Digital Products, Euronews

#3: Save Time

What are the best formats to serve and when? What is the right mix of advertisements and editorial content to feature? What is the optimal user interface that delivers maximum engagement rates? How can I introduce a new recommendation format to the feed? What if I want to focus more on monetization for the months ahead? These are questions you have probably asked yourself a hundred times! Smartlogic’s dynamic infrastructure brings innovation, machine learning and AI technology to solve these long held challenges. 

Smartlogic also allows your Outbrain account manager to set up many of our features themselves, super quick! Resulting in a much more dynamic tech stack that enables you to save time, activate new features quickly and make changes and improvements very efficiently. With Smartlogic we have completely rebuilt our backend interface. Meaning quicker optimizations, greater engagement and shorter setup times for you. 

Final words

With that said, Smartlogic allows you to generate increased revenues, drive more editorial engagement and save time. See, we told you it was a no brainer! To get started reach out to your Outbrain point of contact or drop us a line here and get started today!

Check out this page to learn more about Smartlogic and success stories.

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