How the World Cup Is Impacting Sports Content Consumption

How the World Cup Is Impacting Sports Content Consumption

There’s nothing like an international competition to get people fired up, online and offline. And now that we’re deep into the 2018 FIFA World Cup, our global football (or is it soccer?) craze is showing. All eyes are focused on Russia, or more precisely, on our screens.

Get this: During Iceland’s first-ever World Cup match, against Argentina, an incredible 99.6% of people in Iceland who were watching TV were watching the match!

But the World Cup is not just a reason to get in front of the TV. Laptops and mobiles are getting in on the action too. That’s why we’ve done a World Cup data dive on Outbrain’s massive content network to see what people are reading and watching online during the early stages of the 2018 competition. Which players have the highest number of clicks? Which countries are searching for what keywords? Is it football, or is it soccer?

All will be revealed…and if you’re feeling competitive, scroll down to take our fun quiz!

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World Cup + Interest Targeting = Win

Interest targeting is a powerful native advertising feature that lets marketers find their true audience on the Outbrain network. There’s no better time to target potential audiences than during the World Cup when online traffic and viewer engagement is high. How high? Click here to see up-to-date data that can help you optimize your Outbrain content strategy during the World Cup.

To leverage the excitement around the World Cup, we’ve created a ‘World Cup’ specific interest in the Amplify dashboard so marketers can target fans during the event. Check out the screenshot below to see how it’s done.

interest targeting world cup

Take the World Cup CTR Quiz

CTR is a measure of the number of ad clicks divided by the number of times your ad was shown (ad ‘impressions’). During the period before and during the World Cup, we’re seeing a lot of football-related keywords getting high CTRs. But which ones are the top performers, getting great CTRs for advertisers on the Outbrain network? Take our quiz and see if you’re a CTR winner!

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 Stay tuned for more 2018 World Cup data, including our upcoming Brainpower Data Insights when the competition is over. In the meantime, download our Sports Content Playbook to get up-to-date data about how to optimize your sports related content on Outbrain’s premium network.
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