More Precise Audience Reach with the Power of Outbrain’s Interest Graph

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We’ve built the premium discovery space here at Outbrain, and we’ve developed an expertise in predicting what our users want to read next. Using our interest graph, we power billions of recommendations to nearly a billion users around the globe.

That’s why we’re so excited about interest targeting, our newest feature that puts the power of discovery in the hands of marketers. Starting today, all global marketers can tap into our interest graph to reach their most valuable customers efficiently, and at scale.

We’re also giving you most control and precision when reaching them. Simply select your preferred interests categories in your campaign setup. Then, using our powerful interest insights and predictive technology, we’ll match you with audiences we know are interested in your desired categories and will surface your content to the people who are most likely to take action.

In fact, we’ve seen increases in customer lifetime value and retention, as well as higher conversion rates and lower costs per action and return on ad spend.*

Our early partners have seen tremendous success using interest targeting to achieve their marketing objectives:

“We’re very pleased with the success we’ve seen using Outbrain’s interest targeting capability. Compared to our regular campaigns, we see higher engagement rates from the users we’ve acquired via interest targeting as well as higher lifetime values.’’Erich Detert, Marketing Manager, Innogames

“We tested Interest Targeting to drive sales for a leading home good brand by targeting home, lifestyle and news interests. It is an excellent feature that has enabled us to reach the right audiences and efficiently scale conversion volume compared to our run of network campaigns.  GeistM is constantly seeking innovations from our partners and Interest targeting is one such innovation that has been a versatile solution for several of our clients.” -Sameet Durg, Chief Strategy Officer, GeistM

Get started today to see how interest targeting can drive results for your business. Simply visit the Amplify dashboard to set up your campaign, or reach out to your Outbrain representative for more information.


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