Outbrain Powers New Generation Of Digital Recommendations (Part 2)

I recently wrote about how Outbrain is powering a new generation of digital recommendations on new environments. Outbrain started out by partnering with traditional news sites and helping them monetize with new revenue opportunities, as well as helping them grow their audience with engagement technology. But as digital media has had monumental growth, we’ve evolved our recommendations to be integrated on many new environments, beyond traditional publisher pages, such as apps, pre-installed mobile experiences, and a range of devices.

In part two of this blog series, we’re diving into the features of this new wave of revenue diversification to get you started.

Tap into growing video budgets

Leverage our incremental revenue opportunities with video demand. With our solution, you can maximize commercial returns thanks to direct demand from Outbrain and partnerships with leading programmatic platforms. Our outstream video offering provides short form and click-to-watch options with a user-first approach.

Read how PubFinity increased RPM by +15% when monetizing its in-app game platform with Outbrain’s non-intrusive ads and outstream video.

Keep your users engaged with impactful native ads

Outbrain offers a range of unique recommendation formats, called Smartcards, to provide audiences with a rich and engaging way to discover content that feels native to the environment they appear in. Smartlogic technology applies machine learning and AI to dynamically select the right cards and the right format according to your audience interest. Card formats include carousel, display, App Install, and many more.


Achieve 25% higher RPM* with animated native ads that come in a short form gift or MP4 formats. Create visual diversity within Outbrain widgets from a range of Gaming, Retail, Apparel and D2C demand partners. These animations have no sound and are capped at 3 rotations max. Best of all, there is no impact on load time.

Native ads made simple 

Marketers are evermore challenged to make an impact and are turning to Native formats – there is a huge opportunity to maximize your revenues with 62% of digital display budgets now shifting into Native formats. Outbrain’s proprietary technology solution enables clients to tap into native assets from our global demand to adapt to the different types of inventory they have, including Display and Newsletter.


Our global native demand can be transformed into single-image ads, ideal for integration on Newsletters. This format is lightweight and can load even on limited bandwidth environments or lower-end devices. 


The power of our Native demand on your display inventory. Our technology is able to convert our global Native demand into IAB standard banner ads, allowing you to maximize display fill rates and revenue. Connect either programmatically via Header Bidding or RTB, or via ad server with passback support.

Check out how Opera, a leading global web innovator, achieved a +400% revenue lift via Direct Programmatic Integration with Outbrain.

No content? No problem: Enrich your service with a feed of premium editorial content

Integrate our OB News solution for a stream of news content from the world’s most premium publishers, at no extra cost. This will allow you to add a new revenue stream and monetize with dynamic, non-interruptive native ad formats from our robust full-funnel demand. Choose from a range of categories that match your users’ interests or create your own. The language and content adapts to the audience’s geography. You can also control editorial vs advertising mix and adjust feed length, from one to infinity! 


Outbrain has certainly come a long way since our humble beginnings, when we started out by supporting the sustainability of journalism and the open web. We’re proud to be a technology company that evolves alongside our users. We always strive to connect with audiences wherever they are spending their time.

*Versus standard formats. Comparison between similar campaigns (same targeting, flight dates & optimization modes)

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