Outbrain Powers New Generation Of Digital Recommendations (Part 1)

There is no doubt that digital media has had a monumental evolution, bringing unprecedented change to media consumption habits. Almost overnight, online user activity and media consumption changed, which vastly affected digital ad spend.

Research from Kantar also shows how marketers are now more focused on innovation, agility, and effectiveness. These are the trends that are likely to accelerate growth in digital media beyond the pandemic.

So naturally people are now spending more time across a range of devices and new environments. In 2022, it’s expected that mobile app downloads will reach 258 billion – a 45% increase since 2017. As this digital consumption pattern continues to evolve, we’re evolving our technology to power meaningful recommendations on these new environments and media experiences. 

Outbrain recommendation technology now goes beyond traditional publisher sites. We power recommendations for media owners, device manufacturers, and technology companies, across a range of devices, web and app environments, and on innovative pre-installed experiences – wherever audiences are ready to discover new things.

Ads on a range of environments

Outbrain’s recommendation technology can be integrated into a range of environments, user interfaces, and platforms, from -1 pages, web portals, browser newsfeeds, and apps, to lock screens, push notifications, pre-installed apps, and newsletters. The possibilities are endless! 

Native is at the intersection of user engagement and monetization

Advertisers are constantly looking for more engaging and impactful ways to reach their audiences. That’s why they’re turning to native, giving them the space to create content that hooks viewers’ attention by not being an obvious ad. Native presents a huge opportunity for advertisers to maximize their revenues, with 62% of digital display budgets now shifted into native formats. 

In fact, the global native advertising market is estimated to exceed US$650 billion by the end of 2032, showing a massive growth rate of 375% over the coming decade. This is, of course, because the native sector enjoys 20% to 60% higher engagement rates compared to traditional banners, and retention rates that are 3X higher than display banner ads. 

Our native ad solutions match the look, feel, and function of the media format in which they appear to give the best user experience – including across a range of devices, web and app environments, and pre-installed experiences – giving users a great non-interruptive and engaging experience. 

Supporting you every step of the way

At Outbrain, we are committed to providing our services via a flexible, efficient, and technically robust end-user and partner service, to deliver native recommendations seamlessly. We support web standards such as JS, SDK, and API (both endpoint and server side), and we have the ability to enable programmatic connections through RTB and Header Bidding (with client and server-side options via Prebid, Amazon TAM, and Google Open Bidding). Plugging into Outbrain demand and features is lightweight and will never delay page loading, with 99.99% network uptime.  

We offer dedicated and specialized support teams and implementation engineers to help you through implementation, maintenance, and optimization.


Audience consumption patterns are ever changing and digital media will continue to expand and evolve. So Outbrain is helping to connect brands with their audiences on the devices and environments they are spending their time on. Our recommendation technology can be integrated into a range of environments, user interfaces, and platforms, and – as a full stack recommendation partner – we seamlessly power native ads on many placements. Simply put, Outbrain powers the right recommendation to any user, on any device, and on any placement.

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