Outbrain Adds Google Open Bidding to Its Programmatic Offering

Outbrain is excited to announce its partnership with Google to introduce direct programmatic integrations with premium publishers via their server-to-server solution, Google Open Bidding, on the Outbrain platform. 

Since the introduction of header bidding integrations in 2015, publishers have gravitated toward the ability for advertisers to directly compete for their high-quality inventory. Through this partnership, Google Open Bidding will now be accessible to any publisher who wishes to use the integration on the Outbrain platform. 

For current Outbrain Publisher partners, adding Google Open Bidding to the mix will be a great way to tap into incremental revenues and extend Outbrain demand across their full range of advertising inventory, including homepages, in-article, and display. 

For publishers who have not yet had the chance to work with Outbrain, this new offering is a smooth entry point to explore the company’s unique demand and maximize their publishing yield. 

Native and display are currently available, with video to follow. 

“Adding to an already extensive list of Header Bidding solutions to publishers, including Amazon TAM, Prebid .js and Server, we’re thrilled to introduce Google Open Bidding to Outbrain’s suite of direct programmatic integration options,”  said Klaus Ludemann, VP Programmatic Marketplaces at Outbrain. “This will help further Outbrain’s vision to expand our ad inventory for advertisers, while maximizing the yield of our media owner partners. Our expansive suite allows our users to serve Outbrain native ads on any ad placement.”

Publishers can utilize Outbrain’s global network of 20,000+ advertisers to monetize any ad placement on their site, including native and display. For advertisers, this offering will allow Outbrain to show their ads and engage customers with native ads in other placements outside of the Outbrain feed.

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