5 Reasons to Embrace Outbrain Header Bidding

Following our announcement in December 2021 about the roll out of our header bidding solution, we’re providing you with this blog series to help you understand header bidding and what it can do for your publication. 

Over the past few years, programmatic has become the most prominent method used by publishers to mediate their high quality inventory. While applying a waterfall model or relying on an external SSP has been the standard until recently, Header Bidding has come to change the game, allowing publishers to take the control of ad mediation back into their own hands, by enabling multiple demand partners they trust to directly bid in real-time for the chance to serve ads on their inventory. The result? More control, increased direct competition and, ultimately, higher yields for the publishers. 

Outbrain is supporting header bidding integrations to help publishers embrace the industry trend towards header bidding and allowing them to monetize all the inventory on a single page, including display and native. 

So let’s dive into 5 benefits of unlocking header bidding and take your monetization strategy to the next level. 

1. Diversify your demand

Take advantage of our unique Native demand from our direct relationships with 20,000+ brands & agencies with full-funnel budgets from awareness to performance. And connections to world leading multi-channel DSPs, including Zemanta. 

2. Flexible ad formats: Native and Display

Our header bidding solution allows bidding into your native inventory with native assets that are rendered by you to match your site UI, providing a non-interruptive user experience.

We are also bidding into display inventory, by either leveraging Outbrain’s proprietary technology that can convert native assets into display ads or serve actual display ads from our extensive network of programmatic demand partners. 

3. Get more control and increase revenue

Header bidding provides greater control over sources bidding on your inventory. By involving as many players in the auction, you can increase competition and, in turn, your revenue. 

Header bidding acts as an additional way for you to directly connect to Outbrain’s demand programmatically, above & beyond our code-on-page solutions.

Check out how LADbible Group saw a 58% increase in average daily revenue driven by Outbrain – and a peak increase of 127%, over the first month of activating Outbrain’s Header Bidding via Amazon TAM, on top of their existing code-on-page integration. 

4. It’s easy to set up 

We have integrations with the main players in this space, offering our clients a range of client and server-side integration options, such as Prebid .js and Server, Amazon TAM, and Google Open Bidding. Choose the one that better fits your needs and inventory type and add Outbrain as a demand source. The set-up and contractual obligations are usually very lightweight and require little resources from your end. 

5. You don’t have to be an Outbrain publisher

Whether you’re already part of the Outbrain network or not, integrating with Outbrain via header bidding is an effective way to diversify demand partners and maximize  the revenue you earn on your inventory. 

For current Outbrain publishers, it will provide incremental revenue on top of the existing income you’re getting from our other solutions. And for non-Outbrain publishers, it’s an easy way to tap into Outbrain’s unique advertiser network and  diversify your demand to increase yield.

If you’re reading this…

…then you’re probably realizing how integrating our header bidding solution can be easy and offers you incremental revenue. In the programmatic era, header bidding has been an immense breakthrough for publishers and we see its processes continuing to develop and improve every year. Adding Outbrain’s Header Bidding is a no-brainer as publishers want to take back the control of their own inventory and maximize yield, while diversifying revenue sources.

Watch this space for our next blog post on header bidding.

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