Mother’s Day Vs. Father’s Day: Battle of The Page Views (and Affection)

Wendy Bernal
Wendy Bernal

Outbrain research found that the number of articles published related to Mother’s Day versus Father’s Day was neck-and-neck last year.

Content creators can be so fair to parents! — But when looking at page views across network and per article, we uncovered, maybe too fair.

So, what should a marketer know about how audiences are engaging as they ramp up content production for the holiday season?

*Hint* Our findings may or may not indicate some familial rivalry between good ole’ mom and dad.

Outbrain Data: Mother's Day vs. Father's Day in Content Consumption Trends for 2015

What a Marketer Should Know

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean mom gets less love.

What it does mean is that readers are looking for more content geared towards dad around the holiday season.

With research from eMarketer reporting that women conduct more than 60% of Father’s Day-related searches along with an itching feeling that consumers may just not know what route to go for dad, it’s important you meet your audience with content that can help influence their decisions.1.

Additionally, two separate surveys concluded that around 25% of smartphone owners looked to their device for product research and price comparisons for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but close to 60% don’t plan to purchase with their smartphone. 2 & 3.

Our Recommendation

As reader interest grows in April, get your content prepped and ready to go live for consumption now this Mother’s Day and Father’s day.

And don’t quit before you’re ahead.

Make sure to optimize your holiday content, especially on mobile, for June when readers are consuming the most.

When it comes to what types of content audiences are looking for, avoid overly promotional product placements and paid media attempts, as a large portion of consumers don’t plan to purchase from their mobile devices.

Instead, opt for the savvy gift guide, brand storytelling opportunities or even leveraging amazing consumer reviews for better content creation this year.

Maybe, even with a bit more focus on dad.

We love you too, mom!

Data based on activity across the Outbrain network from April – August 2015.
1. eMarketer, Females Rely on Search to Spoil Fathers This Year, June 2015.
2. eMarkter, Ways Which US Smartphone Owners Plan to Use their Smartphone for Mother’s Day Shopping, April 2015.
3. eMarkter, Ways Which US Smartphone Owners Plan to Use their Smartphone for Father’s Day Shopping, May 2015.

Wendy Bernal

Wendy Bernal

Wendy Bernal is Marketing Director for North America and LATAM at Outbrain where she is responsible for managing and implementing regional marketing initiatives including PR/ communications, market research, event activations, sales development and email/CRM. Wendy joined Outbrain after having first been a client while she was at Disney Interactive overseeing marketing for a portfolio of sites targeted to women and families. She saw great results from amplifying content via the discovery platform and became part of the team in 2013!