Lookalike Audiences Now Available to All Marketers in the Amplify Dashboard

Since we introduced Lookalike Audiences globally to managed accounts, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of excitement among marketers about the ability to scale their Outbrain campaigns by reaching highly qualified customers and prospects.

Our Lookalike model searches our premium publisher network to find new people likely to be interested in a marketer’s business because they resemble existing customers. Several brands have already seen success using Lookalikes: Brooklinen found new shoppers of its linens while reducing its cost per acquisition by 50%, and Everquote increased its conversion rate by 52% among new insurance customers.

Today, we’re excited to continue this success by expanding Lookalikes to all global managed and self-serve marketers, enabling them to reach more people likely to be interested in their brands.

Money Map Press is one of our newest marketers to use the expanded feature and has seen strong results:

“Lookalike Audiences have given us three distinct advantages over our competitors still just running RON traffic. We see about a 75% increase in conversion rate on Lookalikes so we can spend 75% more per click than we otherwise would have been able to and still meet our most important KPIs. [And,] we can find prospects on sites and sections we would normally quickly exclude.”  -Tyler Lombardi, Display Advertising Manager at Money Map Press

Content platform Shinez has also seen success with Lookalike Audiences:

“Lookalike Audiences allows us to add scale by reaching highly valuable users. We know these audiences will engage with our content because Lookalike Audiences allow us to build audiences that are similar to our existing high-performing audiences.” —Ziv Jonas, Co-Founder at Shinez

Marketers can get started with Lookalike Audiences in the Amplify dashboard today.

Check out the video below or visit our Help Center for more information, and feel free to reach out to our friendly team at support@outbrain.com with any comments!


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