Is Your Summer Travel Content Dream-worthy?

About to dream about summer travel content

The above image is pretty sad, huh? I mean… at least my wife uses her iPad!

But seriously, in this new mobile-first world this type of content consumption behavior is the new reality. Us marketers need to adapt fast, and travel and tourism marketers in particular, are well positioned to plant the seeds of far-off destinations while their next guest is in the bedroom glued to their mobile device.

Why?… Let’s look to the data.

Consumption of summer travel content on mobile peaks at 7am and 11pm across the millions of recommendations being made every day on Outbrain’s network of publishers.

Consumption of summer travel content on mobile

That means your potential customer either just woke from a dream or is about to fall into one. 

Now, any travel marketer worth their salt is familiar with Google’s 5 stages of travel, and it all starts with a dream.

Google's 5 stages of travel

So your mobile content can either serve as a continuation of that dream or it can be so good that it sparks the consumer to actually have a dream about a specific destination or adventure.

Either way, planting the travel seed early enough with great content in order to enter the buyer’s dream stage of travel planning is critical for an effective travel content marketing strategy.

Travel Dreaming Is All Year Round

37% of US travelers think about vacation planning once a month, and 17% think about it at least once a week, but consumption of travel content in the U.S. really heats up in April.

Summer Travel Content Consumption 2015

That’s right. Your potential customers are about to go on a frenzy of reading and watching travel content. Will you be there to catch their eye with great content?

If you can figure out how to match your content to their mobile consumption patterns at 7am or 11pm you’ll be at an advantage over your competitors who may not be thinking about the time of day when planning their content calendars.

Creating travel content that’s best consumed on mobile right before someone goes to sleep or right when they wake up is no easy task, but as long as your focusing on creating content that’s dream-worthy I’m confident you’ll have a leg up over those who settle for mediocrity in their content marketing.

Hat tip to Michael Brenner of Marketing Insider Group for this list of 99 Amazing Content Marketing Hub Examples.

So, what’s it going to be? Will your travel content be good enough to spark a dream?

If you’ve seen great examples of travel content (or just have a great summer travel recommendation) I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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