GSK Uses Outbrain FOCUS for Outstanding Video Engagement


GSK is a global healthcare company with one mission: to help people lead a more active, longer and healthier life. Sensodyne, the longtime, leading toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth, is also part of the portfolio of world-renowned products.

GSK created an exciting and instructive film on the topic of pain-sensitive teeth. Since teeth are particularly sensitive to pain when eating cold or hot food or in environments with extreme temperatures, Sensodyne produced a short film about Yakutsk, the coldest city in the world.

The film describes everyday life in the city and introduces various residents, some of whom suffer from pain-sensitive teeth.


GSK Case Study


Together with Ellusion, one of the leading digital agencies specializing in healthcare, GSK developed a strategy to effectively distribute the video and increase awareness for Sensodyne. In order to achieve the highest engagement and a particularly long viewing time, they chose Outbrain FOCUS. GSK’s film was distributed as a native recommendation on premium publishers in the Outbrain network.

Unlike other formats such as pre- or mid-roll, the click-to-watch solution FOCUS requires the user to actively choose and play the video. As soon as a user is interested in the video and clicks on a recommendation in the Outbrain network, the video starts directly on the publisher page in full screen and with sound. With this user experience, the video gets the full and undivided attention of the user. Since users actively choose to watch, they are much more focused on the video.

This high level of user engagement is reflected in the campaign results: the average viewing time is 37 seconds (out of 60), which corresponds to 62% of the total duration. The completion rate is 49%. This value exceeds the worldwide benchmark for video completions including sound (29.5% on desktop and 14.8% on mobile*), by far.

But the engagement is not limited to the video: The click rate on a banner which was integrated was also extremely high: 10.3% of the users clicked to get more information on Sensodyne’s landing page. Users continue to interact with the brand even after viewing the video, receiving further information about the video or the product via the landing page.

The click-to-watch solution is suitable for all brands that want to tell a full, rich brand story. With FOCUS campaigns, we found significantly longer viewing times and completion rates than with comparable channels. The power of FOCUS is in the way it combines brand awareness with real engagement.

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