The Beginner’s Guide for Creating Video Ads

So you’ve never created a video ad before? Good morning, it’s you-definitely-should o’clock. It seems like “video” is the buzziest marketing buzz word lately, and for a reason. The numbers prove again and again that video advertising is one of the best ways to reach new audiences and to grow your business.

Here are some facts: according to Magisto, American businesses spend over $135 billion on digital videos a year. That’s a lot, and probably enough for you to go google “how to make a video ad” ASAP. Well, this article is the Google result of your dreams.

The good news is, making beautiful video ads is easier than you might think, and you don’t need to pay a fortune to a production company. Let us take you on your first step into becoming a video marketing expert.

No Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Your potential-user is overloaded with an endless amount of visual content on social media every day, and the video’s first 2 seconds must capture their attention. Yup, you heard that right – first 2 seconds. So make sure to find the right hook to catch the viewer’s attention, and cut straight to your main message.

The best (and only real way) to know if your video’s first frame is working or not is to AB test. It is also recommended to try different thumbnails, and usually, your video’s thumbnail doesn’t have to come from the video, so your options are endless. Test them.

Size Doesn’t Matter, Aspect Ratio Does

Each social media platform has its compatible video size – horizontal, portrait, or square. If you want your video to look its best (and of course you do), it’s essential to create it in the right aspect ratio. You’ll use square videos for Instagram Feed; and landscape or square, depending on your footage, for Facebook. If you’re going to post the video on Facebook or Instagram Story, the ideal ratio changes from time to time – right now it’s 1080 X 1920.

Enjoy the Silence

With over 85% of users watching videos on Facebook without sound, your video must have the same impact mute. Use titles, subtitles, captions, and graphics so your video will tell the story perfectly even when muted. It doesn’t mean you should ditch audio altogether – don’t create your video without sound, but take into consideration that most viewers will not hear it, and they shouldn’t feel the difference.

Don’t Forget to Call to Action

The best promotional video in the world doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t move the viewers to take some action. That being said, it’s essential to focus on one objective only to get your message across. One CTA at a time!

Decide on one goal – website visits, newsletter subscriptions, purchase of a specific product – and close your video with a clear Call to Action accordingly. Once your viewer finishes watching your video, they should have a clear idea of what to do next. The CTA usually appears at the end of the video, but it’s up to you whether to include more CTAs during the video itself. If you do so, it should always be the same CTA.

Tell, Don’t Sell

Your viewers can smell a promotional vibe from a distance – and they’ll lose interest. Instead of trying to sell them something, tell them a relatable story. A common mistake is to focus on your brand when the truth is your audience doesn’t care about your brand – they care about the value you can give them. Keep it about them, their needs and pain points, and not about you. There’s no other way to make people engage with your content, and eventually with your brand.

Even the shortest video should tell a story that consists of conflict and resolution. Focus on a solution to a real difficulty, whether you’re a wedding photographer or a huge B2C company. The more specific the problem is – the better. It will feel genuine, authentic, and relatable. For example, in this Magisto video ad, we addressed our potential users’ needs – creating videos simply – and made our online video maker the answer.

Be Recognizable

Once viewers know it’s your brand’s ad from the first second – you’ll know you did something right. Having a distinct look that’s easy to recognize takes time, and for that to happen, consistency is key.

Customize your ads by using your brand’s logo and colors, so every video ad you make will look all yours. Then, in time, one video after another, your videos will start to form their own look and feel. Mission accomplished.

If you’re just starting out with video advertising, or if you are brushing up your skills, it can’t hurt to catch up on the video trends we can expect to see in the next year. Keep up to speed, and stick to the tips above, and you’ll be all set to create killer video ads that will do wonders for your business.

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