5 Performance Marketing Industry Insights – Download the Full Guide

For every performance marketer, the daily challenge is the same. Of course, you are selling a specific product or service, you have a unique target audience to consider, and your own set of KPIs. But the bottom line goal is always this: how to reach relevant, engaged audiences and drive more conversions.

Performance marketing is trying out different channels and A/B testing various  campaigns to see what works best, continually optimizing to maximize your ROAS (return on ad spend).

It’s part science-part art form, which means there is ample room for industry insights and performance hacks to help guide your creative efforts to a successful strategy that will get the results you want.

That’s what the The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Navigating Native is here for.

Developed by the marketing team at Outbrain, the #1 native ad network, the Performance Marketer’s Guide covers everything native advertising from A-Z, based on data gleaned directly from the Outbrain network of 1 billion monthly users: from setting up your first campaign, industry insights and performance metrics for different verticals and industries, inspiring case studies and an introduction to the Outbrain toolkit.

What to Expect from “The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Navigating Native”

If you haven’t hit the Download button just yet, here’s a preview of 5 industry insights featured in the guide. It’s the tip of the iceberg of actionable hacks you can expect to take away:

1. Make Your Headlines Perform (page 7)

You have just a few seconds to catch your readers’ attention. That’s why it’s important to get your headlines right. On page 7, we discuss a bunch of effective tips to writing high performing headlines, like this:

Takeaway: Don’t ruin a great headline by making it too long and having it cut off in the middle.

2. Create a story (page 9)

It’s not enough just to show your product and explain how great it is. You need to create a story that the reader can relate to.

Takeaway: Stories create connection. Boost your brand with ads that direct your customers to narrative-rich content.

3. Retargeting rules! (page 11)

Most customers don’t convert the first time they see your ad. Retarget people who have already shown interest in your ads and you’ll be helping boost your conversion rates.

Takeaway: Create custom audiences based on people who have visited your website or taken some other action online that shows their interest. Then retarget them with focused ad messages.

4. Drive emotional responses (page 14)

Emotion is the strongest driver of action. That’s why you should create campaign creatives that pull at your readers’ heartstrings.

Takeaway: Campaigns perform better if they include words that spark feelings. Feelings – particularly positive ones – strengthen the reader’s connection to your marketing message.

5. Go long, go strong (page 15)

Short term campaigns don’t perform as well as ongoing campaigns. That’s because they don’t give the Outbrain algorithm enough time to learn your ads’ performance, and drive the most relevant, high performing traffic to your ads.

Takeaway: Schedule campaigns to run for 6 months or over. This has been shown to generate  a lower average CPC.

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This is just a taste of the industry insights you’ll receive when you download the full free guide, The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Navigating Native, brought to you by the performance-focused Outbrain marketing team.

It’s a compilation of tips and hacks based on data from the Outbrain discovery feed, so you receive up-to-date, real world advice that will bring you results.

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