Product Releases

Welcome to Outbrain’s product release round-up! We’ve recently launched numerous innovative products shaped by your feedback. Below, we’re highlighting product information and resources that will set you up for success.

H1 2020

App Install Smartad

The newest Smartad, App Install, helps grow your business by driving more downloads from higher long-term value users. This rich creative format captivates attention and provides a clear path to action by showcasing a large image or GIF, brand logo, app store rating, and CTA button.

Carousel Smartad

The popular Carousel Smartad format adapted for native audiences was launched earlier this year. Carousel Smartads enable you to tell a story with up to 10 cards composing of multiple images, headlines, and CTA buttons to drive awareness and action.

Target CPA CBS

The most recent addition to Conversion Bid Strategy (CBS), Target CPA, is 100% auto-optimized to ensure you’re remaining profitable and hitting your CPA goal. Simply enter your CPA goal, and our system will do the rest.

Fully Automatic CBS

Fully Automatic CBS launched earlier this year with the purpose of maximizing conversions within your budget by letting Outbrain do the heavy lifting. This bid strategy prioritizes conversion volume to bring the best results within a set budget.

WiFi Targeting

Looking to specifically target users who are connected to WiFi devices? Now you can. This advanced feature is useful for marketers looking to promote a video or reach mobile users with a high-speed connection to drive app downloads or other ‘data heavy’ content experiences.

Viewers Segment

With Viewers Segment, marketers can retarget users who have viewed their ads, but have not yet clicked on them, in order to stay top of mind. This feature is an addition to “Story Sequencing ” which maximizes lower-funnel engagement and conversions.

CPC Adjustment By-Content

Need more control over how each piece of content is served? With the CPC Adjustment By-Content feature, you now can simply increase or decrease the CPC bid at the content-level by a percentage variance against the campaign CPC, to devote more budget towards your highest-performing creatives.

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