Why We Converted An Office Into An In-House Video Studio

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Alright, “studio” might be a little audacious.

But as of this month, we’ve created a designated area to shoot video at our headquarters in New York. And the equipment to do so.

Take a look:

It’s no big secret that video has grown exponentially as a medium for marketers to deliver content. The data is there: video drives deeper engagement with your audience and helps users form a more emotional connection with your content.

And yet, for many content marketers, the channel remains largely untapped.

Unless you have an in-house video team of editors and producers – and most of us don’t – you probably outsource your video requests to a production company. Which is fine, and even preferred for pieces that require that well-polished look (case studies, product launches, etc.).

But outsourcing can prove problematic for two reasons

There’s the obvious one: that it’s expensive, and therefore limits you to use video sparingly, only when it’s absolutely necessary. But the bigger issue is that using a production team means losing control of your creative process: the style, tone of voice, and emotional impact of your content.

More simply put: it’s easy to find someone who can operate a camera and make sleek animations. It’s much more difficult to find someone who accurately understands your company’s key values and your marketing goals.

The benefits of an in-house studio extend beyond creative control

It also affords you and your team to take advantage of every in-office opportunity and be spontaneous. Having a client in the office? Sit down and interview them for five or ten minutes. Having a guest speaker or industry expert around? Get them to share two or three points of thought leadership.

I’m not saying surprise your clients and evangelists by sticking a camera in their face and forcing them to tell everyone how great you are. These are not case studies. I’m talking about using in-office opportunities to bring your content to life through video. Ask people about industry trends or their own thoughts on your niche market.

So what does this all mean?

Well, for us at Outbrain, it means having a content team that can produce videos in-house and the ability to freely create our own video content for social, blog content, product features, etc.

We’re starting small, with a subject we know well: our own product. Our first take is a one-minute tutorial on one of Amplify’s key features.

Check it out:

Now, admittedly, we have someone with a bit of camera experience (yours truly). I know the basic principles of videography and how to use editing software.

But the barrier entry to video production is low. Video equipment has become inexpensive and easy to operate, editing software is intuitive, and there are infinite resources – even whole companies – devoted to helping marketers make great video content. And for content specialists, many of the components of video production, like writing scripts, come naturally.

We know how significant an impact video content can have on our audiences.

So as of today, we’re stepping in front of the camera to make videos an intricate part of our content marketing strategy.

After all, content marketing is all about telling great stories.

Video is just another way to do it.

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