Who is Outbrain, Really? (And What It Can Do for You)

If you’ve ever wondered, “who is Outbrain, really?”, well, there has never been a better time to ask.

After what’s been a challenging year for planet Earth, we are taking stock and looking ahead with an exclusive international event: Outbrain Unveil, for marketers, agencies, and brand specialists just like you, on January 27 at 11am.

In less than an hour, we’ll “unveil” all you need to know to succeed in 2021, including a sneak-peek forecast from Digiday on the state of the marketing industry, plus a roundup of never-before-seen products and features from Outbrain – and much more!

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With the big Unveil around the corner, it got us pondering that question, and we’d like to share our thoughts with you.

Who is Outbrain, really? 

On paper, the success is clear: Founded in 2006, growing from scrappy startup to international native advertising pioneer with 18 global offices and 1 billion monthly users across 55 countries and 14 languages.

But those numbers alone don’t get to the heart of it and explain why so many businesses and consumers choose to make Outbrain a part of their online experience every day.

So, we decided to ask the Outbrainers themselves – our 800+ strong workforce from Israel to the US, Germany to Japan, Singapore to Australia – what makes Outbrain who it is.

Here is a roundup of the themes that came up again and again:

“Home” & “Family”

Before anything and above all else, Outbrain is people. No matter how awesome our technology, it won’t succeed without the people behind it. This is much more than the usual cliches of “work-life balance”. Outbrain is truly about the connections and interactions between the staff, our partners, customers, and suppliers. Every individual is treated like family, with care, concern, and (dare we say it) with love.


When a company believes in goodness and is passionate about making a difference, there is an authenticity and humility that is summed up in a single word, earnestness. And in a sometimes cynical world, Outbrain aims to do all it can to help make the world a little bit better, every day, in its own way.

“Triumph of Innovative Spirit”

Every Outbrain workday is a chance to develop new directions, take ideas to the next level, experiment, and grow. Yeah, that means a fair share of failures, but also triumph in the ability to stand up, dust off, and try again. This is the Outbrain way — to break records and push the innovative spirit just a little bit further.


For the Harry Potter fans out there, one Outbrainer describes it as the Hogwart house most associated with wisdom and wit. Yes, we have a lot of laughs at Outbrain, and that is another kind of fuel that keeps us going.

“The Hidden Good Guys on the Web Who Make You Click Even When You Didn’t Know You Wanted To”

Outbrain’s mission has always been to help people have better experiences on the web. Every technology, feature, and algorithm is designed to make people click, make them happy they clicked, and turn those clicks into revenue for advertisers and publishers. We are proud to be a company that has a profound and positive impact on the lives of all our partners. Advertisers, Publishers, and Consumers alike.

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