[Webinar Recap] Yaron Galai: Ask Me Anything

Lauren Pica
Lauren Pica

Ever wonder what inspired the name ‘Outbrain,’ or the story of how it was founded?

Now, let’s fast forward twelve years. Curious about Outbrain’s five-year plan, or what the next phase of native advertising looks like?

There’s where Yaron Galai comes in as the Founder & CEO of Outbrain, and the innovator behind what native advertising is today.

And we covered it all in his unconventional Ask Me Anything (AMA) webinar yesterday.

Let’s not forget both the never-before-heard secrets of Yaron and the never-before-seen product teaser we got the inside scoop on.

Didn’t get a chance to watch it live?

No worries! Watch the recap below to get in the know.

Thanks again for joining us! And be sure to keep a lookout for our next webinar invite.


Lauren Pica

Lauren Pica

As the brains (and voice) behind the Outbrain brand communications (and our Head of US Marketing!), Lauren spends her days of marketing scrappiness doing everything in her power to gain and retain happy customers.