10 New Chatbots That Are Changing the Game

Outbrain Picks Top 10 Chatbots

Here at Outbrain, we’re bullish on chatbots. We partnered with CNN for its CNN Messenger experience, which is the best way to get personalized news stories delivered to your Facebook messenger every day. The bot uses our personalized content recommendations for users across platforms and allows CNN to seamlessly marry its editorial programming with content personalization.

But news is not the only thing chatbots can do. The bot buzz is heavy, and chatbots are popping up everywhere, to do everything.

While the technology is still in its early phases and there’s still much for us all to learn and continue to improve to ensure that the conversational experience between user and bot is more seamless and “human,” here are 10 of our favorite new bots on the block, so far. And like our own technology, which we are constantly perfecting to recognize context and semantics, we anticipate the second phase of the bots below will only be all the more spectacular.

1. Dr. Bot

Baidu is launching a medical bot to help collect patient information before you see the human doctor. This should cut down on the number of times you have to describe your embarrassing stomach problems in front of a waiting room full of people.

2. Language Bot

Duolingo has developed a chatbot that can help you improve your Spanish, French, or German without subjecting some poor native speaker to your poor grasp of the subjunctive. It makes perfect sense as a complement to their language learning app, and does something talking to a person can’t: teach you spelling.

3. Grief Bot

A developer created a bot version of her friend after he passed away because she missed him. Will we all find immortality in griefbot form? Better get your loved ones learning to code.

4. Google Assistant Bot

Your robot butler, in chatbot form.  Like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, Google wants to help you make restaurant reservations, calendar appointments, send emails, and more. But unlike those ladies, @google is a chatbot.

5. Lawyer Bot, Esq.

The developer who created a parking ticket dismissal bot is turning his skills to legal help for the homeless. From fighting illegal evictions to connecting people with social services, this bot helps people in the UK find a way out of homelessness.

6. eBay Shop Bot

Stop paging through endless listings on eBay and let this bot help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Finally, some relief from the merciless toil of online shopping.

7. Vote Bot

This bot will help you register to vote. Simple, but crucial. Are you registered to vote? Let vote bot help you.

8. DJ Bot

Lazyset is the AI DJ that mixes you a killer Spotify playlist while you sit back and enjoy. Let it craft you a soundscape.

9. Financial Advisor Bot

Erica is Bank of America’s new chatbot that can help you learn to be better with money. She has advice on spending, saving, paying down debt, and checking your FICO score.

10. Restaurant Recco Bot

This chatbot helps you find the perfect spot to eat. Recommended by a bot, curated by humans.

Bonus Spooky Bot Game: Escape the Haunted Forest is a bot-based RPG, for those who want to keep the spooks going past Halloween. Choose your own adventure bot!

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