5 Quick & Cost-Efficient Plays to Target Super Bowl LIII Viewers

Target Super Bowl LIII Viewers

With over 103 million viewers during the 2018 Super Bowl, there is no mistake that one of the largest sporting events in the U.S. commands a hefty price tag for advertisers.

On average, brands spent $5 million for a mere 30-second TV spot during last year’s Super Bowl. That’s more than Tom Brady’s 2018 base salary with change left over to spare. If you were to even air one second of a commercial, it would set you back over $166,000.

So with football fever in the air, how can you quickly capitalize on reaching a large, targeted audience cost-efficiently?

Simple. Run a native advertising campaign. However, as any good coach will tell you, in order to run an effective game, you need to run from a tried and tested playbook.

Here are 5 plays to understand why native ads can gain you the most yards this Super Bowl:

Play #1: Know who you’re playing with

Your teammates on the playing field have undoubtedly changed from seasons past. You have a new mix of participants, specifically Millennials and Gen-Xers, who not only have far different viewing and purchasing habits but are digital natives.

They are used to creating a dialogue and communicating online, which classic advertising can’t do.

If this is your brand’s target market, native ads are a sure way to connect directly with them to start the conversation.

Play #2: Be part of a championship team

A formidable all-star team that has a winning record is bound to dominate the playing field. Quality publishers are similar to being part of a winning team.

As you suit up your brand for the big game, aligning your native ads on these well-respected publishing sites will give your brand positive exposure and strong engagement.

Play #3: Rise above the noise of the crowd

Typical display ads are one of many voices in the stands that add to the noise and disruption and have low CTRs that average around 0.05%.

Native ads are just that — they fit the form and function of the page and are less intrusive as they appear “natively” to the viewer. They also have a higher CTR – up to 0.38% on mobile devices.

Play #4 Connect to your intended receiver each and every play

Football is a game of inches and each play is crucial to moving the ball closer to the end zone for a touchdown.

If you want to drive your brand exposure downfield, know that native ads are viewed 52% more frequently than display ads and drive a much higher brand lift for purchase intent as studies have shown.

Additionally, native ads are most likely to be shared with friends or family members over a banner ad, and those who have purchased from an advertiser, stated they personally identify with a brand after viewing a native ad.

Play #5 The odds are in your favor

Cost wise, native ads are effective since they carry high click-through rates with a low cost-per-click. You’re also able to garner true interest for your brand as there is intent behind each click.

Not to mention, you can set your budget and make necessary adjustments on the fly once you see how your brand’s ads are performing. You also have an option to set a daily budget – the maximum amount you’re willing to spend each day or a CPC – the amount you’re willing to spend per click on your content.

You have full control over your spend.

Even though we are only a few weeks away from the big game, there is still time for you to suit up and make a sizable impact with native advertising.

By doing so, you’ll be able to connect directly to the target audience, align your brand with well-respected publishers, rise above the noise from typical display ads with higher CTR and brand lift for purchase intent, as well as the ability to call an audible and make budget changes on the fly.

It takes minutes to set up, and in no time, your brand will hit the end zone for a touchdown.


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