Streamlined Campaign Selection and Conversion Status Tracking

Discover the latest enhancements to our campaign management and conversion tracking tools, designed to meet your need for speed, precision, and reliability.

At Outbrain, we’re committed to taking your campaigns to the next level with our newest updates. First up, we’re introducing a game-changer for campaign selection. Our revamped Campaign Selection dropdown now not only displays the status of each campaign but also sorts them accordingly. Finding active campaigns has never been easier. And with the added checkbox feature, you can easily select all your active campaigns in one action, streamlining your workflow like never before.

We’re also revolutionizing conversion tracking with our updated Conversion Status feature. Say goodbye to guesswork – the status now reflects all hits to your conversion rule, regardless of their source. No longer limited to Outbrain conversions only, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your conversions.

Plus, we’ve added a ‘last activity’ timestamp in the tooltip, enabling you to quickly identify any installation issues without the need for manual testing.

We understand the importance of real-time insights, which is why we’re continuously improving. While the status is currently updated hourly, we’re already hard at work to reduce this wait time in our next update.

So stay tuned for even faster, more responsive tracking. Experience the difference with Outbrain’s enhanced campaign selection and conversion tracking – speed, precision, and reliability at your fingertips.

Learn more about creating conversions with the Outbrain pixel in this help center article.

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