Podcast Recap: Gilad de Vries Talks Succeeding with Pull Marketing in the Ad-Blocking Age

|Shana Pilewski


If you’ve never listened to Moneyball for Marketing with Glenn Gow, CEO of Crimson Marketing, you’re in for a treat.

The popular podcast is the most convenient way to learn about incredible changes happening in marketing organizations around big data and marketing technology.

Recently featured was Gilad de Vries, our SVP of Product and Strategy at Outbrain, where he talked consumer choice in advertising and what that means to marketers looking to succeed with pull marketing.

Armed with the ability to block, disregard, ignore and skip ads, consumers are voicing their opinions to brands online. Listen as Gilad describes how to look at a whole game-plan for going to market, and how to attract audiences who actually want to have conversations brands.

Click here to tune into the entire podcast on-the-go or at your desk.

For some quick highlights from Gilad, see below:

On Pull Marketing Spend

If a brand doesn’t create a blueprint that gets their pull marketing spend to about 50 percent of their total marketing mix in 5 years, they’re probably going to die as a brand.

On Creating Value

[AMEX is a great example of a brand focused on adding value to their audience (and potential future customers)].

When you become a member of American Express OPEN Forum, you start to get a lot of services. They created a whole platform that is focused on helping small-medium businesses run more effectively and efficiently. So they went a step further from just providing great “informational” value with their content, to also providing a utility and that’s what great pull marketing is all about.


On Measuring Effectiveness

If you’re trying to optimize pull marketing for conversions [from day 1], you’ll probably fail. If you try to optimize first for engagement, and then optimize some of that engagement towards conversion, that’s when you can potentially succeed.

Final Thought

Patience in content marketing is really the key to unlocking the rewards that come with it.

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