Outbrain Supports the United Nation’s Efforts to #FlattentheCurve

As efforts continue across the globe to stop the spread of COVID-19, it’s important to ensure the right messages are being distributed to people everywhere. While we don’t have factories where we can start making ventilators or masks, what we do have is a platform that reaches over a billion people. That’s how we, as Outbrainers, can make a difference. Thus, we’ve decided to use it for two great causes.

  • Responding to the United Nation’s UN’s Open Brief to #FlattentheCurve
  • A Social Distancing Ad Campaign Across Outbrain’s Network

The United Nation’s UN’s Open Brief to #FlattentheCurve

Outbrain is part of the collective who have responded to the United Nation’s open brief to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We supported this initiative by distributing approved creatives through our publisher network. With the continuation of the campaign, Outbrain is on track to deliver over half a billion impressions, with people engaging with the ads and clicking through to learn more.

See below for examples from the UN campaign.

Outbrain’s Social Distancing Ad Campaign

The UN effort complements Outbrain’s own global ad campaign to support social distancing that we launched in April across our network. Read our blog post for more information, or check out this example of a social distancing ad we ran on publisher sites worldwide:

Everyone at Outbrain hopes you continue to stay safe and be well,

Yaron Galai

CEO and Co-founder of Outbrain

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