Outbrain Helps to #Flattenthecurve

All over the world, we are living in a new reality. The reality of COVID-19. This global pandemic has brought a difficult time to billions across the globe. Hundreds of thousands of ill people, and many thousands who have lost their lives. Millions of jobs lost and people in isolation in their homes. Healthcare workers worldwide are selflessly fighting at the frontlines every day, and we salute them.

During this crisis, I’ve been thinking of ways that we at Outbrain can contribute to the battle being waged against COVID-19. We are a global company that partners with the world’s leading and largest online publishers, and it is an honor and privilege to be operating a network that is seen by 1 billion people every month. With such a vast reach, we are in a position to help spread the most important message, one that will help slow the virus and save lives. And that message is social distancing.

Apart but Together

The WHO and governments worldwide are urging citizens to practice social distancing. This means self-isolating and staying home, and when in public, keeping a distance of 6 feet from other people. At Outbrain, we want to be part of the movement of encouraging and educating people about social distancing.

What Social Distancing Looks Like

So we’ve created ads, like the one below, that bring attention to the importance of social distancing and illustrate the concept in an eye-catching, memorable way. These ads include links to the WHO website or government websites where readers can get the latest, accurate information about COVID-19 and learn about how they too can use social distancing to protect themselves, their families and communities.

Our social distancing promotions will be running on dozens of publisher sites worldwide. We hope that by raising awareness and providing readers with links to official government websites and reputable WHO information, we can do our bit to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Together (but with 6 feet between us!), we will beat the coronavirus and come out stronger.

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