[Year in Review] Outbrain’s Best Success Stories of 2021

Despite 2021 being a year full of uncertainties, some continuity remained. For brands, performance stayed at the forefront of strategy; simplicity outmatched complexity for better customer experience and value; and constraints only bred greater creativity

In 2022, we can expect these pillars to become even more critical to brand success in an ever-increasing digital world. But first, let’s take a look back at some of Outbrain’s best brand success stories from 2021 for some inspiration.

1. Switzerland Tourism

It’s not easy to successfully relaunch a country’s tourism activity these days, but that’s exactly what Switzerland Tourism did with Outbrain. The combination of a creative campaign with world-famous personalities, like Roger Federer and Mike Horn, and the power of Outbrain’s Native Awareness+ suite enabled Switzerland’s national marketing and sales arm to achieve 75% campaign viewability and a CTR 2.3-times the campaign benchmark. Read Switzerland Tourism success story.

2. Royal Canin

The cat was definitely out of the bag in 2021 for brands needing to diversify their marketing mix. For premium pet food company Royal Canin, it meant finding new channels to strengthen its awareness and consideration strategy outside the walled gardens. The brand turned to Outbrain across key European markets and leveraged a mix of native ad experiences to boost brand impact and activation. The results proved Outbrain was the “purrfect” native partner, as Royal Canin’s campaign drove better performance with a cost-per-quality-site-visit 33% cheaper than walled garden platforms. Read Royal Canin success story.

3. Leroy Merlin

The saying goes that “from little seeds grow mighty trees.” Well, a similar analogy can apply in building audiences for your brand. To reach interested users for its Spring-Summer 2021 garden series, Leroy Merlin tested Outbrain’s Carousel and Standard Smartads to first educate consumers about its outdoor furniture accessories, and then drive them closer to action by directing traffic to product pages. With Outbrain, Leroy Merlin achieved its goal of awareness and traffic quality, reaching more than 34,000 new users and nearly halving its cost-per-session benchmark. Read Leroy Merlin success story.

4. Ogee

After a performance dip in early 2021 for its Facebook campaigns, D2C skincare brand Ogee and its digital marketing agency, AdRizer, sought to reach new customers outside of traditional social channels. The brand tapped into Outbrain’s latest performance video solution, Clip, which creatively adapted to today’s social trend of short-form video. Combined with Outbrain’s Conversion Bid Strategy tool, Ogee’s campaign reached a peak ROAS of 180% and drove 14,000 online sales transactions in just 4 months. And to really put a healthy glow on the campaign, Ogee’s native ad campaign achieved a CPC 76% lower than Facebook’s Beauty Vertical Benchmark. Read Ogee success story.

5. L’Oréal Paris 

L’Oréal Paris launched a bold campaign inspiring men and women to “StandUp” against street harassment through its online training program. To maximize the number of training completions at the best CPA, the brand leveraged a variety of Outbrain’s ad experiences, including Clip. With Clip, L’Oreal Paris made use of short-form video assets to engage and spark user action for a decreased CPA. Meanwhile, Conversion Bid Strategy (CBS) worked to keep the campaign profitable by maximizing conversion value at the defined CPA target. The result was a -43% CPA with Clip and a -69% CPA using CBS versus the CPA target. Read L’Oréal Paris success story.

Just some of many inspiring brands using Outbrain’s recommendation platform to excel in their marketing goals.

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