Outbrain Supports ID5 to Futureproof and Maximize Addressability and Value for Publishers and Advertisers

Our support of industry-standard identity solutions, like ID5, give buyers more options to reach the right audiences, while maximizing value for publishers. 

As third-party cookies continue to decline, the industry continues searching for solutions to personalize experiences and add value. Outbrain has always been built on a foundation of context and engagement, which we’re continually strengthening and expanding to provide a full suite of cookieless solutions for our buyers. 

Today we’re proud to announce a new addition to that suite: Outbrain is integrating with ID5, a market-leading identity provider for digital advertising, to improve addressability and monetization for publishers, while giving marketers key solutions to achieve their goals.

Our support of industry-standard solutions like ID5 continues our focus on bringing value back to the open web and into the hands of independent publishers, while ensuring marketers have privacy-safe solutions to reach the right audience. 

The Outbrain SSP now supports ID5’s first-party encrypted identifier, which is distributed at scale across the digital advertising ecosystem. The integration empowers Outbrain programmatic buyers to target ID5-addressable traffic across Outbrain’s publisher partners, using their DSP of choice. This partnership expands Outbrain’s ID partners, following our integration with LiveRamp to support LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution.

We’re particularly excited to partner with a company who puts such a significant focus on consumer privacy. ID5 is fully in line with data privacy regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA, and ID5’s user identification services have been developed following a privacy-by-design approach to exceed privacy compliance expectations. ID5 relies strictly upon user consent for the processing of personal data, and has developed advanced encryption mechanisms to enforce users’ preferences down the value chain and block unauthorized vendors from activating the ID.

Joseph Quaglia, VP Sales & Business Development at ID5 adds, “We are excited to be working with a leader such as Outbrain, whose goal of helping publishers compete against the walled gardens align so closely with our own values. We look forward to supporting and empowering them in this mission as we enter the new era of digital advertising.”

Our partnership with ID5 exhibits our continued focus on providing solutions that enhance value for our publisher partners, while providing unique performance solutions for advertisers. 

We look forward to continuing our innovations on the contextual and identity fronts, and to bolstering our suite of cookieless solutions for buyers with ID5’s solution joining the fold.

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