Outbrain Supports LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution to Enable Stronger Post-Cookie Addressability

There are few topics more top of mind for the digital media industry than the depreciation of third-party cookies. The vehicle which publishers, advertisers, and ad platforms have leaned on to personalize and attribute ad campaigns has changed greatly over the past several years. 

Although Google Chrome has delayed their timeline for fully sunsetting third-party cookie use across the browser, it’s estimated that nearly half of the browser market is already cookieless – and marketers and publishers are long overdue for a viable solution to power better experiences. Equally, the industry has needed better controls to safeguard end user privacy and improve transparency.  

Outbrain has been prepared for these changes since its inception. Outbrain’s core has always been built on driving real engagement and outcomes, using publisher context and consumer interest as the truest signal of intent. 

Now, we are expanding our cookieless suite, by partnering with LiveRamp to enable publishers to connect their authenticated inventory to marketers, improving addressability and value while supporting consumer privacy.

Outbrain now fully supports LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), giving marketers a privacy-safe solution to reach consumers across the Outbrain network – while giving publishers more opportunity to drive engagement and maximize monetization. 

Through Outbrain’s support of ATS, publishers will be able to leverage RampID, LiveRamp’s privacy-first, people-based identifier in addition to LiveRamp-supported ID solutions, such as Unified ID 2.0, across their inventory made available through Outbrain. 

ATS enables omnichannel addressability without third-party cookies or other device-based identifiers by connecting publisher authentications to RampIDs. LiveRamp’s privacy-safe solution will now be supported across the Outbrain SSP, giving programmatic buyers the ability to better personalize experiences across Outbrain’s 7,000 media partners. 

“Partnering with Outbrain is an integral piece in our ability to improve addressability across the ecosystem – without a reliance on third-party cookies or device-based identifiers, such as IDFAs,” said Travis Clinger, SVP of Addressability and Ecosystem at LiveRamp. “The industry is hungry for cookieless solutions that not only benefit marketers and publishers, but also prioritize consumer privacy and transparency. To that note, we’re excited to have Outbrain supporting ATS.” 

Outbrain’s cookieless suite already gives programmatic buyers the ability to leverage Outbrain’s direct publisher relationships and unique consumer interest data to power better performance. Now, programmatic buyers can benefit from the addition of industry-leading solutions like ATS, complementing Outbrain’s unique contextual capabilities

These efforts, coupled with Outbrain’s recommendation technology, will continue to drive value back to the open web and into the hands of publishers, advertisers, and consumers. 

Outbrain has always put a major focus on user privacy, using context and interest as the primary drivers of performance on our platform. Our recent product releases, including cookieless solution Engagement Bid Strategy, reflect this. Now, we’re proud to partner with LiveRamp to support more privacy-centric solutions to reach the right audiences on the Outbrain network, and ultimately drive better outcomes for marketers, media owners and consumers.

Lior Charka, VP of Product, Outbrain

Outbrain’s partnership with LiveRamp signals continued commitment to supporting as many solutions for privacy-safe addressability to help marketers and publishers navigate this new era of the open web. 
Interested in learning more? Reach out to us at contact@outbrain.com.

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