Dmexco Buzz: Outbrain Partners with Bombora on B2B Intent Data for Content Marketing

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The global “hotspot of the diseconomy” for the next two days is Cologne, Germany, where 50,000 digital marketers have gathered to learn about the latest and greatest in digital innovation.

From the business of drones to the chatbot revolution, dmexco is off to a great start. And with the announcement of our partnership with Bombora, the leading provider of B2B demographic and intent data, even B2B marketers had something to get excited about. 

The partnership, which Outbrain’s VP of Products, Amit Elisha, discusses below, allows B2B marketers to take their content marketing and account-based marketing to the next level. We’ve already started to roll out the offering with a select group of customers and see some great results.

Content & B2B Marketing

According to a Demand Gen report, 47% of B2B buyers consume three to five pieces of content before engaging with a salesperson, yet 83% of those B2B buyers are ‘“ overwhelmed by the amount of content available.”  B2B marketers still struggle with some critical pieces of the puzzle — understanding what interests their prospects, when their prospects are interested, and finally, reaching those prospects at the right time and place.

Outbrain’s B2B Targeting

Enter Outbrain’s interest-based targeting on the world’s leading premium content discovery platform. By pairing Outbrain’s core product and Bombora’s data, marketers will now be able to deliver content at scale to their most qualified and valuable audience of B2B buyers — those with strong purchase intent. This means they can increase ROI with an audience that will provide more value.

Outbrain and Bombora partnership

We’re especially excited about this partnership as we’re already seeing great results from many customers and an overwhelming demand for the feature.

Check out more videos that we caught at dmexco, with the help of storytile, including interviews with Erik Matlick, CEO of Bombora and Yaron Galai, CEO of Outbrain.

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