5 Reasons to Join the Outbrain Community on LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn has over 750 million users? At Outbrain, we count many of our advertisers and publishers among them.

LinkedIn is THE place to be for professionals, but it is also somewhat of a haystack. So many profiles, posts and digital pitter-patter! So we invite you to clear your way through the noise and join the Outbrain Community on LinkedIn, where Outbrain users just like you can meet, network and discuss our favorite subjects: native advertising, online recommendations and everything in between.

Outbrain Community: Why We’re Here

Outbrain Community provides a space where users of our platform can share expertise, seek advice, and develop meaningful relationships.

Our goal is to build an engaged and safe community for our customers where they can get additional support, share expertise, seek advice, build meaningful relationships, and find out about the latest updates,  insights, and product releases.

In other words, here are 5 reasons why you should join today:

1. Get the latest product news 

At Outbrain, we’re improving our native advertising platform all the time, with regular product updates and new feature releases. Learn about tools like Conversion Bid Strategy, Native Header Bidding, up and coming webinars and more, in the Outbrain Community group. You’ll be the first to know!

2. Connect with like-minded native advertisers

There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the native advertising industry and get inspiration for your campaigns than by mingling with marketers and advertisers like you. Connect and network with others who are facing similar challenges and responsibilities in managing and optimizing Outbrain campaigns. 

3. Get questions answered quickly

The Outbrain Community on LinkedIn is also a place where you can connect with the Outbrain team, and receive answers to your questions directly. Engage with the group discussions and you’ll find friendly Outbrainers happy to help.

4. Stay up to date with industry trends

We keep a finger on the pulse of the wider digital advertising scene. Be a part of the discussion around new trends and tactics from the world of native advertising and beyond.

5. Receive (and give!) personalized advice and guidance

The community is a safe, open space where you can consult with others about your challenges and goals in native advertising. Think of it as a springboard where you’ll share your advice and experiences with others, and receive the same in return.

We’re waiting to meet and greet you in the Outbrain Community. Click the link below and join in the fun and productivity!

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