Outbrain Data Report: What Our Content Recommendations Say About the Rio Olympics

Nate Lozier
Nate Lozier

With the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in full swing, the internet is awash with content about the major sporting event. As curious-minded data enthusiasts, we thought it would be interesting to analyze patterns for how audiences are consuming all the trending media related to the Games.

So, we decided to flex some of our own Olympic muscles and dive into Outbrain’s massive network of recommended content for answers.

After looking at over 67,000 articles and videos published from the last 90 days, we were able to take away some notable insights and narratives.  

Watch the video above for the hottest topics, sports, athletes, and news stories.

Key Takeaway: Be sure to capitalize on the huge lull in content production and sharing following the Olympics.

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Nate Lozier

Nate Lozier

Nate is a content development specialist focusing in video. He has five years experience in digital marketing and, along with the rest of the Outbrain team, is here to inspire marketers to produce great, engaging content for their own customers. Nate previously worked as an electrical engineer and loves using data to tell stories wherever possible.

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  • Geralyn| December 12, 2016 at 1:01AM

    This does look prisgmoni. I’ll keep coming back for more.