Outbrain Amplify Opens in 9 New Countries: Advertisers, Join Us!

Exciting news for advertisers in Greece, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Finland, Croatia, Slovakia, Luxembourg and Romania: Outbrain Amplify, the native advertising and recommendation platform, is now available in these markets.

From now, advertisers, marketers, and business owners in 9 more countries across Europe can leverage Outbrain’s premium publisher network and wide range of ad types to drive traffic, conversions and leads.

Enter a new realm of possibilities

Outbrain is a leading choice for native advertising on the open web, enabling advertisers to target their audiences and capture mindshare outside the walled gardens of social and search.

Via Outbrain’s media partnerships with thousands of premium publishers and websites, including CNN, New York Post, Sky News, and many more, advertisers can get native ad placements in prime online inventory, on a Cost-Per-Click model, so you only pay for actual views of your ads.

Check out the Smartads gallery showcasing Outbrain’s wide range of native ad formats. You’ll be surprised by the different ways you can advertise natively, including several video ad types, carousel, clip, app install, awareness and more.

Automated bidding to set you free

Conversion Bid Strategy (CBS) is a powerful and sophisticated tool that Outbrain advertisers can use to automate bidding based on pre-defined parameters that count. Define the objective of your native advertising campaign by conversion (not just impressions), and the system will automatically adjust and optimize your bids within your target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). This enables you to get higher ROAS from your Outbrain campaigns, with far less investment of time and effort on your part. Yes, Outbrain does the heavy lifting for you.

Native Header Bidding – at your fingertips

Native advertising with Outbrain supports not just ad placements at the bottom of articles. With Outbrain Amplify’s Native Header Bidding solution, advertisers can access the coveted top, side and in-article placements usually reserved for display ads and banners. At the same CPC, the Amplify system will automatically bid on those placements on your behalf, and gain the ad spots that will perform best for your target audience and campaign goals, for every publisher page and every possible placement.

Sign up to Outbrain Amplify

With the Outbrain Amplify self-serve platform, you can access a wide range of advanced native advertising features and possibilities, all controlled by you on your Amplify dashboard. It takes only minutes to register, so if you’re an advertiser in Greece, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Finland, Croatia, Slovakia, Luxembourg or Romania, join Outbrain today.

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