The Total Economic Impact of Outbrain Amplify: Commissioned Forrester Study

The ROI of content marketing

The Relentless Evolution of Content Marketing

Once upon a time, content plus distribution made for a strong content strategy. Fast forward to today and our needs as marketers have evolved. Content marketing now powers content-driven customer journeys. As a result, marketers need more tools, comprehensive measurement, greater integration, and tailored ROI—taking them from the first touchpoint through conversion and beyond in a way that scales with users.

As a company, we know how critical it is for us to understand the evolving needs of the marketers so we can continue to develop new product solutions and improvements. With this in mind, we commissioned a study from Forrester Consulting to better understand how our customers are currently using our Amplify tool, as well as their overall experience with our product.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Outbrain Amplify study, which you can read in full here, examines the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Outbrain to drive revenue and sales.

The Methodology

To create the study, Forrester interviewed seven existing Outbrain Amplify customers, including Graphiq, Microsoft B2B, Lending Tree, and Dell EMC to better understand Outbrain’s benefits and potential to help companies improve consumer engagement and revenue opportunities.

These customers used the Outbrain Amplify platform to promote content to meet a range of goals for their marketing campaigns. To report the results, Forrester combined these customers into a composite organization, which represents the aggregated feedback and quantified experience captured during the interviews.

Why Outbrain

Prior to Outbrain, a number of these organizations had noticed that their more traditional online advertising channels were growing less effective over time. They sought new, more cost-effective ways to reach audiences. Another group of companies wanted to explore new online channels that could expand their reach or explore new innovations in content marketing.

CMWorld Session on The Evolution of Content Marketing ROI

Featuring Forrester senior analyst, Susan Bidel, watch our session from Content Marketing World about the emerging global needs that are driving the changes of today and expectations of tomorrow. Ant Hearne, VP Global Sales Marketing at Outbrain also reveals the findings of our commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting:

The Key Insights & Metrics

Here are some of the benefits Forrester reports from our Outbrain Amplify discovery platform:

  • Increased Cost Efficiency: 136% ROI.
  • Incremental Sales: 5,000 sales a month.
  • Lowest CPA: Outbrain CPA’s were 50% lower than display and 20% lower than paid search, on average.
  • Increased Customer Spend: Customers acquired through Outbrain spent a total of 5% more than the average customer.

Beyond the value they quantified, Forrester identified inherent value in Outbrain’s Amplify platform in three key areas:

  1. Helping businesses distribute content and reach audiences at scale.
  2. Aligning content to different stages of the buying process.
  3. Accessing Outbrain’s premium publisher network, while driving customer engagement and high-value actions, such as conversions.

In fact, after executing content marketing campaigns through Outbrain to expand customer reach and drive sales, the composite organization found that on average, they were able to increase their volume of sales with the Outbrain channel driving an average of 5,000 sales a month. At an average customer lifetime value of $207, these sales through Outbrain represent approximately $13.38 million in increased profit over a three-year analysis.

Check out the full study here and our infographic, below.



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